Parallel disc harrow with independent discs

“Vortex” by MA.AG can be used indistinctly on no-till, subsoiling or after plowing soils. This is a customizable work site that can be adapted to the multiple necessities of the farmer, as well as the contractor. For this last category, the disc harrows of “Vortex” family can be equipped with a wide range of accessories, in order to obtain an equipment with different possibilities of use. The basic structure of the machine is composed of two parallel rows of independent discs with opposite orientation. Each disc has a watertight independent hub with bearing. The elements are connected to the frame with a cushioning system consisting of rubber pads (silent blocks) that absorb all the stresses and guarantee the work of each individual disc. Discs of different diameters of 560/610 and 660 mm are available. On series, the equipment is supplied with a pair of lateral containment strips. In the trailed version, the opposing discs are arranged with the innovative “X” system in order to guarantee uniform work and advancement without lateral shifts or strains, making the equipment more aggressive during the use on no till soil. Behind the double row of discs, it is possible to assemble an harrow comb with flexible blades, manually adjustable, ideal for an effective leveling of the ground. On the rear, the equipment can be completed with different types of rollers in order to obtain the desired result (single or double cage roller, single or double ring roller, compact roller). In the trailed version, the “Vortex” harrow can be equipped with a front shredder roller (mulching), hydraulically adjustable, equipped with 10 cutting blades, particularly effective in the presence of a residue (for example sunflower). In order to carry out several operations in a single pass, it is possible to equip the machine with a decompactor with Michel H.600 curved anchors, placed before the discs. It is provided an application of a pneumatic seeder (electric or hydraulic) for the seeding of cover crops or seed mixtures. “Vortex” harrows are available in brought on lift version, fixed or hydraulic folding frame, from 3.00 m to 5.00 m and, in the trailed version, with minimum width of 4.00 m up to a maximum of 6.00 m and 2.55 m transport width.

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