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Inertia brakes, environmentally friendly

No energy consumption and longer life of the tractor…

Some categories of tractors don’t have the equipment for braking the trailer, however, have a source of energy always available: their mass and their speed. In Germany the Highway Code admits the inertia…


The market is now

Anticipating what is coming, taking advantage of opportunities, investing in research and knowing how to listen to clients (i.e. the manufacturers of agricultural machinery) and end users. This is the winning recipe of the ADR Group which, in 2014, celebrates 60 years of being in business, marked by internationalisation and the best Made in Italy brand.

Roberto Airoldi, Sales Director, Flavio Radrizzani, Chairman of the Group, Sergio Frigerio, Head of Research and Development. The evolution of agricultural mechanisation, which has produced a progressive increase in the mass and performance…

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