VF: the technology which is good for the soil

Choosing the right tire can significantly reduce soil compaction, maximizing the yield per hectare, while preserving both the integrity and particular features of the soil. How? Thanks to VF technology. A VF tire is designed to carry 40% more load than standard tires at the same pressure or, in other words, it can carry the same load at a lower tire pressure than a standard product. This technology makes it possible to increase the tire footprint on the soil and reduce compaction, albeit keeping the load applied constant.

BKT   has integrated this technology into some of its solutions. For example, AGRIMAX V-FLECTO (in the image), a tire designed to optimize the performance of high-powered, latest-generation tractors. Thanks to VF technology, it guarantees reduced soil compaction. Its optimized footprint on the ground, together with the 10% wider tread profile, makes it possible to conserve the integrity of the soil.

It is one of BKT’s most successful tires, to the extent that the range was recently further expanded and can now count on 22 different sizes. AGRIMAX SPARGO is also equipped with VF technology and it is destined for tractors used for row-crops. In this case, the resulting high-load capacity is certainly an advantage for this type of application, where the reduced tire pressure is an intrinsic limit which is now no longer so critical. Not only for tractors. For agricultural trailers BKT has developed V-FLEXA, a Flotation tire standing out for its robustness and for the extra-large area of its footprint, thus enabling optimal load distribution and preventing soil compaction, while fully respecting the land and crops. BKT is constantly working to develop solutions that make its users’ agricultural work more sustainable by helping them preserve the health and productivity of their land.

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