Mitas Premium is replacing Continental tyres by OEMs

Mitas is launching Mitas Premium, a new product line of agricultural radial tyres for powerful machines.

Mitas AC 85_Continental AC 85

From January 2015, Mitas Premium will replace all Continental-branded tyres on new machinery produced by original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). Mitas has produced Continental-branded tyres under licence since 2004. The top representatives of the Mitas Premium product line for high-horsepower machines are the Very High Flexion (VF) tyres HC 1000 and HC 2000 and Super Flexion Tyres (SFT). VF tyres launched in September 2014 are the latest innovation from Mitas. “Mitas’ strategy is to build equity in a single brand namely Mitas. From January 2015, all tractors and harvesters produced by major OEMs that were previously equipped with Continental tyres will be fitted with Mitas Premium tyres,” said Jaroslav Čechura, Mitas’ CEO. “Mitas Premium tyres bear the same premium quality and technical characteristics as Continental tyres. Our OEM partners recognise this, and they accepted delivery and fitment of Mitas Premium.” Mitas has negotiated deliveries of Mitas Premium tyres to key agriculture machinery manufacturers such as ARGO, AGCO, CLAAS, CNHi, John Deere and SAME DEUTZ-FAHR throughout 2014. At CLAAS, newly manufactured harvesters and tractors are already being equipped with tyres from the Mitas Premium product line starting in October 2014. Other OEMs will start fitting Mitas Premium tyres on machinery from now through to January 2015.  Currently, Mitas Premium for European markets includes several leading tread designs besides SFT and brand new VF tyres HC 1000, HC 2000, namely also SFT IF (Improved Flexion), CHO (Cyclic Harvesting Operation), SST (Silent Speed Tyre), AC 65, HC 70, AC70 T, AC85 Row Crop, AC90 Row Crop and AGRITERRA. Mitas aims to constantly introduce and upgrade the product offer of Mitas Premium. “For example the VF HC 3000 tyre for harvesters is under development. Mitas will introduce it at the beginning of 2015,” said Pavel Kott, Mitas’ agricultural tyres product manager. The Mitas Premium product line is replacing and overstepping Continental tyres. Mitas is strongly investing in its own research and development and has introduced several new products that are solely designed and manufactured under the Mitas brand. These innovations are tyres in the category of Very High Flexion and Improved Flexion for HHP tractors and new generation combine harvesters. Mitas has also extended the variety of Super Flexion Tyres, which draws on the performance of Continental SVT. “We have been manufacturing Continental tyres since 2004, and we are confident that Mitas Premium has the same premium quality,” Čechura said. “We will be producing Continental-branded agriculture tyres until 2019, when the license agreement expires but in long term main focus is on Mitas brand. Our aim is to launch Mitas Premium also for replacement market in the near future,” Mitas has now been manufacturing Continental agricultural tyres under licence for over 10 years. Since the licence agreement was signed in 2004 producing more than 300,000 tonnes of Continental branded tyres. Currently, Mitas offers more than 200 variations of Continental branded agricultural tyres. Mitas prolonged its Trademark License Agreement with Continental Tyres through 2019.

by Edoardo Seregni

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