Built around the Driver

The fourth generation of the Valtra T Series is a completely new tractor that has been designed from a clean sheet of paper. The new T Series models range from 155 horsepower to 250 horsepower with up to 1000 Nm of torque – providing enough power for even more demanding tasks.


The new T Series is available in four variants: Direct, Versu, Active and HiTech, the last of which will enter production next year. Production of the Direct, Versu and Active models has already begun. Active is a new line that features a powershift transmission and mechanically operated load-sensing hydraulics. The new Versu, Active and HiTech models revolutionise the way powershift tractors are driven. The clutch pedal is only required when starting the engine. The brake pedals also control the clutch: the AutoTraction automatic clutch function is always activated. The automatic powershift now operates with a new logic: the accelerator pedal does not control the engine speed but instead the driving speed similar to driving a stepless Direct transmission. The automatic system is a big help when using PTO-driven implements as the driver can change powershift gears and adjust the speed simply by pressing the accelerator pedal. This leaves the driver’s hands free to control the tractor and implement. The powershift system also has unique features, including a useful hill-hold function and hydraulics assistant, which facilitates front-loader operation. Valtra’s  powershift is a five-step transmission, providing a total of 20 speeds in four gear ranges, plus 10 speeds in the creeper ranges.

Intelligent engine design

All T Series models are powered by reliable AGCO Power engines, the two smallest models by a 6.6-litre engine, while bigger models have a displacement of 7.4 litres. Exhaust emissions are minimised by a Stage 4-standard SCR system. The turbo on the latest engines features an electronic bypass valve, so the engine responds rapidly and offers excellent torque, even at low revs. The SCR system and optimised turbo and engine package results in excellent fuel efficiency and eliminates the need for an exhaust gas recirculation system or diesel particulate filter. The T174 model is also available with Valtra’s EcoPower feature. When the driver presses the Eco button, the nominal engine speed drops to 1800 rpm while torque increases. This reduces fuel consumption by approximately 10 percent while lowering the noise level and extending engine life. In addition, the Sigma Power feature, which is standard or available on all models, increases engine output by 15 horsepower when the PTO is under sufficient load. The transport boost function in turn provides an additional 15 horsepower in the C and D ranges.

Spacious cab with excellent visibility

The most striking feature of the fourth generation T Series is its brand new cab, which is stylish, spacious and quiet. Pillars that curve outwards maximise interior space for the driver while keeping the external dimensions compact. The cab is now 20 centimetres wider by the driver’s seat compared to the previous generation. Electrically heated front and rear screens, a front windscreen wiper sweeping 270 degrees, factory-fitted parking cameras, LED working and rear lights, and six square metres of glass combine to offer unsurpassed visibility. Another window in the front of the roof helps when operating a front loader, and the optional forestry cab also has a window in the rear of the roof. Driver comfort has been further optimised with a stereo with subwoofer, a cool box, a TwinTrac reverse-drive system that can be adjusted laterally and a factory-fitted, fuel-powered and phone-operated auxiliary heater. Some of these features are standard, while others can be ordered from Valtra’s unrivalled options list. The tractor’s turning radius is unbelievably tight, just 5.25 metres, even with a front loader, pneumatic front axle and front linkage. The tractor weighs 7.3 tonnes, and the theoretical total weight is 13.5 tonnes. The ground clearance is a tremendous 60 centimetres, and the 2995-millimetre wheelbase provides stability on the road. The upgraded linkage at the rear of the tractor can lift up to 9.5 tonnes, while the integrated front linkage has capacity of 5,1 tonnes. Three different speeds in five modes can now be selected simultaneously for the PTO: 1000, 1000E, 540, 540E and ground speed PTO.

Ease-of-use and low cost of ownership

Special attention was paid to the ease of use and maintenance when designing the new T Series. Service intervals are 600 hours, and checking the oils on a daily basis is easy thanks to the inspection windows. Radiators and filters are easy to access without tools. The new T Series has undergone tens of thousands of hours of testing in all conditions, both on the field and in the lab. Naturally, the new T Series is also available with both the AutoGuide steering assist system and AgCommand telemetry. AutoGuide uses satellite and correction signals to steer the tractor accurately to within a centimetre. The AgCommand remote monitoring system in turn allows the owner to monitor the use of the tractor, anticipate servicing requirements and compiling operating data that can be used by contractors for invoicing purposes. Valtra Premium Care, AGCO Finance and Valtra’s first-class spare parts service further enhance reliability, ease-of-use and low running costs. As with all its tractors, Valtra allows customers to tailor their T Series according to individual requirements and the list of features and options is enormous. In this way customers do not pay for unnecessary features, only those they require. Valtra’s customer order system means that each tractor is equipped at the factory ready for work in the field, the forest or for amenity operations.

 by Brigida Alessi

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