The renewed medium range from SAME

SAME renews the two cornerstones of its medium range: the new Explorer and Dorado have been announced.

SAME Explorer_10

The Explorer, one of the most popular SAME  tractors, now has features and breadth of range making it the ideal companion for every farmer looking for a versatile, comfortable and reliable tractor. The Dorado family, the SAME tractor with great manoeuvrability, is now available with new engines ready to meet the challenge of tomorrow’s farming while respecting the environment. The new Explorer has the Giugiaro Design style of the most recent SAME tractors and a completely renewed and more spacious cab: a pleasant, ergonomic and functional space. The quality of materials, excellent visibility and rationality of arrangement of the controls make this cab a benchmark in this segment. The ease of use and operational comfort also allow operator and machine to immediately work in harmony from the very outset.

In terms of engine, the SAME Explorer range is equipped with the latest generation engines from the FARMotion family. 3 or 4-cylinder Tier 4i compliant engines with Common Rail injection system from 75 to 109 Hp which guarantee performance, reliability and low operating costs. Also the new geometry of the heads and combustion chambers help to improve the diesel combustion process, allowing the Explorers to fully exploit the potential of the engine and significantly reduce fuel consumption. Certainly one of the major strengths of the new SAME Explorer is the breadth of the range, able to meet the specific needs of every farmer. The new Explorer is in fact available in three versions: from the more structured models, true heirs of the Explorer³, to the lighter and more compact models. 11 models with 6 engines, each available with mechanical or Powershift transmission, to adapt to the different working conditions.

The new SAME Explorer is fruit of the experience of more than 130 thousand machines sold since 1983. With this tractor, SAME offers today’s farmers a modern tractor with a lot of experience behind it. Completing the medium range, SAME is also introducing the new Dorado. Four models from 75 to 102 Hp with 3 or 4-cylinder Tier 4i compliant FARMotion engine, replacing the high end of the Dorado³ and Dorado³ Classic ranges. Overall, the Dorado family, tractors appreciated for their versatility and manoeuverability in every situation, increases from 8 to 12 models.

A major event at Treviglio

The Explorer has played a crucial role in the past 30 years of SAME history – it has been so successful that, all across the globe, an Explorer has been delivered to a customer every two hours since 1984. SAME decided to celebrate the arrival of the new Explorer with a major event titled “Growth through exploration” held on November 10th at the company’s headquarters in Treviglio. Around five hundred guests attended the day-long event, with dealers and importers from all over the world as well as clients and journalists from the specialised press. The topics of growth and innovation were the key themes throughout the event. SAME DEUTZ-FAHR CEO Lodovico Bussolati illustrated the trends that will shape the agricultural world over the next decades, and the company’s strategy for growth. SAME DEUTZ-FAHR Executive R&D Director Massimo Ribaldone described the design and engineering choices behind the technical solutions applied in the new Explorer tractor range. Wolfgang Egger, the style director of Italdesign Giugiaro, gave a fascinating address on the history of design as seen through different SAME tractors over the years.  This was followed by the round table titled “Italy Invests: creating successful products and keeping this success going” participated in by Cavaliere Giorgetto Giugiaro, honorary chairman of Italdesign Giugiaro, Wolfgang Egger, SAME DEUTZ-FAHR Vice Chairmen Aldo and Francesco Carozza, and Lodovico Bussolati. A speech by SAME DEUTZ-FAHR Chairman Vittorio Carozza concluded the activities. The event continued with a gala dinner, during which five European farming families were awarded prizes in recognition of their long-standing loyalty to the SAME brand. With three families and a total of eleven models, FARMotion engines, a new cab and new transmissions, the new generation Explorer is, once again, the ideal work partner created by SAME for today’s farmers.



The engine for agriculture

SAME DEUTZ-FAHR has always been renowned for designing and building the engines used across the different platforms of its tractor range.

On the basis of this experience, SAME DEUTZ-FAHR engineers have now designed the new FARMotion family of engines it believes will compete successfully in the technological scenario of the future, complying with Stage IIIB/Tier 4i and Stage IV/Tier 4 final emission standards. The concepts behind this new series include optimised cylinder displacement downsizing, a high-pressure Common Rail electronic injection system, an exhaust gas recirculation system and the DOC (Diesel Oxidation Catalyst) catalytic converter. In the Stage IV/T4 final version the catalytic converter for NOx abatement (SCR) will be added. All has been skilfully designed to achieve higher performance, constant torque and power curves even at low engine speeds and reduced fuel consumption.  FARMotion engines are designed specifically for agricultural use – they are compact, reliable and easy to maintain. Compactness is further enhanced by integrating the oval section DOC in the engine. Individual cylinder heads have removable rods – a design which ensures optimal cooling and ease of maintenance. The new engines also have automatic valve clearance adjustment and, as such, do not require any maintenance for the entire lifetime of the engine.  The displacement, slightly reduced when compared to the 1000 Series (962 cm³ per cylinder), results in a high level of performance with reduced fuel consumption and noise reduction. The Common Rail system makes it possible to achieve an injection pressure of 2,000 bar and contributes to reducing emissions which are further reduced by the DOC catalytic converter. External and cooled exhaust gas recirculation completes the new FARMotion design format. The overall effect of these features is reflected in the maximum power being rated at 100 hp for the 3-cylinder engine and 140 hp for the 4-cylinder engine. With the development of the new FARMotion engine, SAME DEUTZ-FAHR reaffirms the strategic importance of governing the entire process of creating and implementing a fundamental element in the world of agricultural machinery.

by Edoardo Seregni

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