Fixed and self-steering axles for high carrying capacities


Both axles from TVZ  are built with a high strength material body, tubular 150 x 16 mm. The fixed axle  has a maximum capacity of 17.0 tons in single-axle configuration at 40 km / h, while the steering axle (in the picture) has a maximum capacity of 14.2 tons in tandem configuration at 40 km / h. The bodies of the new fixed and steering axles are manufactured in the factory in Carpenedolo (BS, Italy). The specially machined tubular joints are assembled with dedicated facilities and are welded in the new robotized area in order to ensure the highest quality, precision and reliability. As all the others products of TVZ, even the new axles are equipped with components designed to ensure a high standard of quality. The fixed axle and the steering axle are made of tubular mannesmann, and the couplings between the tubular and the spindle or the support of the steering joint are calibrated with precision. In the new steering axle S.Q.R. Strong, in addition to the easy adjustments of the steering angle and convergence and the taper pivot guided by bronze bushings in the steering joint, available in all the SQR line, we have the taper pivot, made of a high strength material too, which is hardened over the entire length through induction, up to a hardness of 54 HRC for a depth of 2 mm. Even new axles mount hubs designed specifically for vehicles that operate offroad and that, due to the effect of larger tires and suspension with close axles, stress particularly bearings, especially when cornering and maneuvering. They are characterized by bearings which are assembled far from each other and by spindles with diameter decidedly bigger than the ones produced for road vehicles, with similar carrying capacities. To equip this new range of axles they have developed a new industrial brake, with S profile cam shaft, size 420 x 180, with braking capacity up to 18,000 kg at 40 km/h and 13,000 kg at high speed. The brake is being homologated at 40 km/h according to the German directive StVZO and at high speed according to ECE-R13. The brake, as for the entire line with S profile cam shaft is prepared for mounting also the automatic slack adjusters and the ABS sensor. Furthermore in all axles equipped with this brake, the brakes are mechanically worked at the end of the process line, to ensure a perfect coupling between the brake shoes and the drum even during the first braking. The research, testing and constant updating of production processes makes every TVZ product a faithful and reliable business partner.

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