Trelleborg Launches Tire Efficiency App

Tire Efficiency

Trelleborg has extended its digital offering with the launch of its ‘Tire Efficiency’ app for use on iOS and Android tablets. Based on the concept of the total cost of ownership, the intuitive and user-friendly app measures the benefits provided by a set of Trelleborg tires for one axle both in terms of cost savings and reduced working time. Specifically developed for farmers, contractors, and specialized tire and machinery dealers, the app enables users to select the number of hectares covered, their specific operation, working time and several other parameters. The assessment is based on one year of operation and relates to a set of tires for one axle. Lorenzo Ciferri, Marketing Director of Agricultural and Forestry Tires at Trelleborg Wheel Systems, commented: “At Trelleborg, we are committed to providing farming professionals with the latest tools, solutions and services in order to run their farming operations more efficiently and productively. “For many farming professionals, upfront cost is one of the important considerations when selecting agricultural tires. However, although costs savings may seem attractive in the short-term, they often come at the expense of whole-life costs. Farming professionals are therefore at risk of compromising long term efficiency and productivity. “The concept of the total cost of ownership of the agricultural tire is becoming an increasing consideration for farmers both for the selection of the tire brand during the purchase of a new machine and when replacing tires. However for many farming professionals, accurately calculating a tire’s whole life cost can prove particularly time consuming. “Thanks to the new Tire Efficiency app, users can in just a few clicks precisely calculate the whole life cost of their existing tires and the potential efficiency savings provided by Trelleborg’s TM1000 High Power, TM900 High Power and TM800 tires. What’s more, the app also provides users with everything they need to know about each tire via technical product brochures.” Available in six languages, the new app features a design and user interface that allows farmers to share the results with friends and colleagues by e-mail, Facebook or Twitter. Trelleborg is in the process of creating the app in additional languages and making it available for use on all mobile devices and platforms. Through the app, users can request access to Trelleborg’s Tyre Efficiency Manual which, available in six languages, details the necessary steps for the Total Cost of Ownership Calculator and educates farming professionals on how to benchmark alternative solutions for themselves.  The app is connected to Trelleborg’s tire performance database that comprises the results of comprehensive product testing conducted by Trelleborg and in co-operation with leading institutes for research into the agricultural industry. The Tire Efficiency app is available for download from the Apple store, Google Play and the Trelleborg Wheel Systems website 

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