A new tank capacity

Evolution of the sprayer ALTIS, the ALTIS 2 features a tank capacity of 2000 litres.


It is still fitted with the L-shaped chassis and the OPTILIFT system which makes it a compact and light machine that can be coupled to the same tractor able to carry other sprayers of 1600 or 1800 litres.  On the other hand, the valve operating panel has been fully reviewed and offers 3 trim levels: MANUSET: intuitive and ergonomic operating of the hand-wheel valves (3 valves only); DILUSET: the suction valve is powered so that the user can fill and rinse the tank without leaving the cab; e-SET: all valves are powered, the user validates rinsing on the control box and the sprayer completes the work itself. As far as the design is concerned, the ALTIS 2002 steps up and offers as standard a whole covering that, on one side, protects the valve panel and the incorporator, and on the other side, fully encloses the 230 litre rinsing tank. It is fitted with the 2 arm aluminium booms RHPM and RHPA up to 28m as well as the new 3 arm diagonal booms MEA3 with working widths of 20, 21 and 24m. They all benefit from transport suspension for increased service life. The user can now safely drive at higher speed between two plots. This tool is listed at the top of the KUHN sprayer range. Intended for mixed or large crop farms, its versatility and light-weight allows adaptation to any type of use. It is available with a 2000L tank and/or coupled to the new PF front mounted sprayer featuring capacities of 1000 or 1500L. The combination enables reaching a capacity of 3500L and to replace a trailed or self-propelled sprayer for manoeuvrability and cost purposes.

KUHN adds a front mounted sprayer to its range

KUHN has chosen to fully review its existing offer in front tanks with the creation of a front mounted sprayer. Named PF, its classification as sprayer is justified as it is completely independent or can be used as additional tank for the ALTIS 2002 (2000L). The PF features a polyethylene tank with a capacity of 1000 or 1500L. It is fitted with a rinsing tank of 190L, a built-in product incorporator and a valve operating panel. The machine has been carefully designed and well conceived to integrate steps, front lighting as well as two storage compartments. The machine can be equipped with an electrical or hydraulic pump depending on the needs. Removable wheels allow fast tractor uncoupling. The versatility of the front mounted sprayer gives the user 3 choices: Extended operating range: coupled to the ALTIS 2002, it allows increasing the tank capacity available on the tractor to reach a total of 3500L; Independence of the tanks: the two tanks can contain a different product which gives the user the opportunity to proceed with two different treatments without having to return to the farm to fill in the sprayer; Work optimization: with its equipment that makes it independent, the front mounted sprayer can be combined with another machine (seed drill for example) to optimize the work time. Intended for large farms, the front mounted sprayer PF coupled to the ALTIS 2002 offers a money-saving and practical alternative to trailed or self-propelled sprayers.

By Edoardo Seregni

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