Inertia brakes, environmentally friendly

No energy consumption and longer life of the tractor…


Some categories of tractors don’t have the equipment for braking the trailer, however, have a source of energy always available: their mass and their speed. In Germany the Highway Code admits the inertia braking for trailers with a mass of up to 8 tons and a maximum speed of 40 km/h. In other countries, mass and speed restrictions are an obstacle to the development of this system European regulations for the agricultural machinery, which will be introduced in 2016, will open new horizons for inertia brakes, overcoming many of the local restrictions. The combine will be among the agricultural machines that will take advantage from the application of inertia brakes. Their cutter bar is usually more than 10 meter long and, for transfers, must be towed on a trailer. The combine reach 40 km/h and don’t have the equipment for braking the trailer. The inertia braking system is therefore the ideal solution. ADR has developed overrun hitchers with different shapes, sizes and settings to meet the requirements of  the whole range of trailers admitted to inertia braking according to the new EU Directive. Modular elements to manufacture drawbars different for shape and length by coupling the same mechanical groups with different structures. The range of brakes is equally full ranges from a “small” to a 300×60 300×90 350×90 up to a still in the experimental phase. A complete range from 3.5 to 8 tons for trailers with one or two axles with wheels from 700 to 1600 mm. The mechanics of ADR inertia brakes is grounded on its experience in Germany. The key elements are machined castings to ensure the maximum precision and performance. The reliability is the result of a long testing and care in details, both in construction and in maintenance facilities. ADR is familiar with inertia brakes for his long collaboration with the manufacturers in Germany. The experience of its technicians is an interesting opportunity for manufacturers from all over Europe to address new solutions for the brakes to particular categories of vehicles such as trailers from the orchard, sprinklers and sprayers.

by Brigida Alessi

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