Celli expands its range with new solutions

Celli has recently attended Eima International show as an important opportunity to display the latest innovations of its range. The company has been for more than 60 years among the leaders worldwide in designing, manufacturing and distributing soil preparation machines. The first innovation to be mentioned concerns the EVO, a new line of high-end machines conceived for professionals, contractors and large agricultural companies. These models have been developed to work on large areas, coupling with high power tractors and dealing with mechanical stresses, and have already been successfully exported to Europe and Oceania. The first two machines that have been released in the market are the EVO / P-F folding rotary tiller (in the image) and the EVO / P-E folding power harrow. Celli is now focusing on flexibility as a key feature to its machines, which are normally recognized for their strength and reliability. This is evident on Celli stoneburiers, a multifunctional solution when coupled with a bedformer instead of standard roller in order to prepare seedbeds for growing vegetables. Moreover, Celli Bio machines (developed according to the dictates of organic farming) are meeting an increasing demand in Western Europe and Scandinavian Countries. These rotary tillers operate with minimal soil cultivation (between 3 cm and 9 cm of depth) and bring to the creation of compost, thanks to the special blades and the increased opening of the rear tailgate.  Finally, the new EV rotary tiller was showcased for the first time during Eima Show. This side-shifting rotary tiller is specifically designed for vineyards in the Mediterranean area, where interrow cultivation is needed and tractor power has been increasing. The EV, which can be used up to 100 HP tractors, derives from the highly successful E series – a fixed rotary tiller – where further mechanical improvements and innovations have been introduced.

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