TVZ makes available mother regulation certifications

Starting from March 2 2014, with the publication in the European Official Journal, the EU Regulation 167/2013 – called Mother Regulation – which gathers in a single large measure all the European standards relating to the approval of tractors, trailers and towed equipment is law. The new regulation is directly applicable in all European Union countries without the need for transposition. To continue to provide its customers with the best service, TVZ srl its experience to all agricultural machinery manufacturers, thanks to the collaboration with European certification institutions and suppliers of braking systems among the most dynamic on the market, supporting them with calculations of braking, drawings, structural checks and certificates of payload necessary for approval purposes. For the whole range of agricultural brakes, TVZ makes available mother regulation certifications at 30 km / h and 40 km / h, while for the industrial range there are mother regulation certifications at 40 km / h and ECE-R13 for high speed. Among the offered brakes there is also a selection with hydraulic braking integrated in the drum. The usable sizes are 300×60 (available soon) and 300×90, with Mother Regulation homologation at 30 km / h and 40 km / h. The advantage of a hydraulic brake is that it can be easily mounted in all those machines where there is no space for the actuator fixed to the brake lever, such as atomizers, round balers, etc. To make the most of the braking capacity it is necessary to install an air-oil converter, which can be housed anywhere in the vehicle, in this case the main system is air-powered. Unlike other brakes of this kind on the market, the TVZ hydraulic brakes are equipped with a manual use register, a feature that allowed their Mother Regulation approval. In addition, the oil absorption during braking is indicated on European reports, a value that avoids vehicle manufacturers high heat testing.

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