Ventilated helmets for agricultural treatments

More than thirtyfive years of experience gained on the field and in commercial relations the world over prove that it has chosen the right road, the road paved with an attention to all kinds of needs, research and the continuos developments of its products. Constant monitoring of the operators’ requirements, who work in very different conditions and environments all over the world, has allowed them to design and realize helmets at the forefront of technology, comfort and safety. An effort that has been rewarded with international certificates and a global commercial success. Innovation, reliability and comfort are the distinguishing and winning features of the entire range of Spring Protezione  helmets, the only choice ever for leaders in agriculture, industry and the services sectors.

AGROFILTER: Helmet whose weight is distributed in belt suggest the vineyard. Power supply: rechargeable or tractor battery.

MULTIFILTER: Is the only helmet on the market that lays on the shoulders thanks to a rubber anatomic chest harness. Head inside the helmet has a complete freedom of movement. Ideal for the tractorist. Power supply: rechargeable or tractor battery.

AIRFILTER: Ideal for those who need to have the shoulders free. Ideal for greenhouse. Power supply: rechargeable battery.

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