Celli rotary tillers for farming

Even more so, after the recent position of the European Parliament against the use of glyphosate, the need for solutions that can operate in full respect of the organic farming dictates. To this end Celli has been moving for several years now, a reference brand in the design, manufacture and distribution of professional machines for the soil preparation. Among these, in particular, the rotary tillers, in which the company has a historic experience; and it is precisely from this that Celli’s technical department has developed mechanical solutions that allow minimal soil preparation (from 3 cm to 9 cm deep) thanks to sharp blades that, due to a specially designed tailgate, make the cut organic material fall on the ground so that it can act as compost for the soil. This is accompanied by the high power of the machines, which greatly reduces the needed time for soil preparation, thus reducing the environmental impact by decreasing fuel consumption levels. Celli rotary tillers include models like Pioneer 140 Bio, a fixed solution able to maintain the structure and moisture of the soil unchanged, to prepare the soil for the cultivation of vegetables, vineyards and orchards, as well as for field crops (such as corn and oats). Other models include Ergon, Tiger (as fixed), Tiger 280 P and Super Tiger 360 P (as folding). In the Celli range, which includes 60 models of 10 different types, we also find powerful rotary tillers such as the new Rhino (in the imagine), an important machine (from 3.0 meters to 4.5 meters in the fixed version) and designed for high power tractors available with  PTO (294 kW / 400 hp): all the features that make it unique in the sector, and at the same time suitable for different crops, lands and different needs, at every latitude. On the other hand, it is abroad that a company such as Celli now has the largest share of its turnover (65%), thanks to its machines, about 4 thousand per year, all produced and assembled in its factory in Italy.

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