The automatic hoe


Remoweed is an innovative hoe manufactured by Ferrari Costruzioni Meccaniche, capable of removing weeds both between the rows and between the plants on the same row. This state-of-the-art machine has been designed to provide a technological solution suitable for the farming environment. Remoweed (available in both hauled and self-propelled versions) can scan and remove weeds found along the width of its frame while moving forward, with no need to go back and forth on the same track. Equipped with a floating frame this machine is able to shift on both sides (left and right) by means of hydraulic pistons. This fully automatic hoe is made up of as many units as the number of rows planted on the bed (machines covering multiple beds are also available). Every unit uses an infrared optical bar to detect weeds and plants. The operator can interact with the hoe using a very friendly touch screen from which it is possible to set all the working parameters and oversee the machine at work. The hoeing procedure is achieved through a pair of hydraulic arms that hold the two cutting blades on every element. Cutting blades work as close as one centimetre from the plants and their working height is adjustable as well. Durability, simplicity, adaptability (humidity, dust and jump in temperature are not factors that affect the correct functioning of this machine) and competitive price are the most important features of Remoweed. Using Remoweed, farmers will radically reduce their costs reaping economies of scale. In fact, it will be possible to reduce both the labour force employed in the field and the chemical products applied to the crops, rendering this machine suitable not just for “traditional” farming practices but also for the “organic”.

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