KDI, The Game Changer


Available in a number of different models and power ratings, compliant with the Tier 4 Final – Stage IV standards (56-100 kW power output range), packed with cutting edge technologies and power delivery equivalent to that of larger displacement engines (100 kW @ 2200 rpm and 500 Nm @ 1400 rpm), the new KDI range by Kohler Engines offers excellent performance features that translate into concrete operational benefits for end users. Thanks to the high power density, low fuel consumption and smooth yet uniform delivery of power throughout the RPM range, KDI engines ensure maximum productivity and offer an approach to limiting emissions that is effective yet easy to manage from the technical standpoint whilst requiring limited maintenance. From a technological standpoint, the exceptional features of the KDI range are based on the use of high-pressure common rail injection system (2000 bar) of the latest generation combined with G3S solenoid-type injectors aimed at precise fuel metering during the injection process. An electronically controlled EGR” valve is included for recirculating the right amount of exhaust gasses that are liquid-cooled by a water/air heat exchanger. The EGR system consists of two cooling stages that make it possible to optimise heat exchange without increasing external dimensions. In addition, the system is installed on the hot side, which prevents the EGR valve from seizing, therefore guaranteeing the maximum reliability. The valve train incorporates an architecture with four valves per cylinder, designed to house the injector in a perfectly vertical position and in the very centre of the combustion chamber. In this way, the cylinder is filled with the exact amount of fuel which is atomised and mixed with air in the best way possible.

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