“KA 3200 Super” Shredder


Agrimaster has enlarged the range of KA shredders with the implementation of a new model with powered technical specs: the KA 3200 S. The  strength of the frame, the fixed counter-knife with teeth and the rotor equipped with special cutting sledge-hammers make this shredder the ideal machine to work on grass, corn, sunflower and medium size wood. Its high degree of reliability makes it valuable and suitable to be used by medium/large companies and contractors. Its working width of 321 cm and its weight of 1470 kg make it appropriate for the use in combination with tractors with the minimum power  of 125 CV (92 kW) and 1000 rev/minute PTO. The standard equipment includes the gear box with free wheel of 220 CV (162kW), the three-point connection (category 2) with fixed strengthened rudder, the rear hood (which can be manually opened for maintenance only) and the automatic spring tensioner that automatically checks the tension of the belts, thus keeping them optimally adherent to the pulleys. Some optional accessories are also available to complete the machine supply, as well as the vertically-adjustable slides that not only permit varying the cutting height, but also help the machine adapt to the undulations of the soil; the rear roller (ø273) that can also be vertically adjusted to the various cutting length values and that allows the shredder to keep its horizontal position with respect to the ground; the 180°-steering wheels whose width can be adjusted to adapt the machine to different cultures, and whose height can be varied to adjust the cutting height, the hydraulic movement and the cardan.

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