A technological gem in the compact class



DEUTZ-FAHR  has remained true to itself with the basic concept of the machine, which has five straw walkers. Just like larger models, the compact C6205 features the extremely attractive design by Giugiaro Design and offers the highest levels of driving comfort and ease of use as well as a wide range of standard cutting headers equipped with the Schumacher Easy Cut system and Varicrop variable headers, a top-of-the-range thresher (with optional turbo separator) and a cleaning system with the innovative DEUTZ-FAHR double grain return (DGR) system. The generous grain tank has a capacity of 7,000 litres, while the C6000 Series is powered by the most fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly engines (Tier 4 Final) available on the market: the DEUTZ TCD L6 T4F 6.1 L engines deliver a Nominal Power of 230 HP (169 kW) and a Maximum Power of 250 HP (184 kW). The EVO II COMMANDER CAB provides high standards of comfort and technology, a soundproof interior and complete operator safety together with state-of-the-art controls and a modern air conditioning system. All functions of the combine harvester can be activated at the push of a button. The second seat and the 21 litre portable thermo-fridge (optional) complete the ergonomic and comfortable working environment. The controls for the transmission and main equipment functions are built into in the new joystick, which makes operation extremely simple and intuitive. The Combine Control Management (CCM) system allows the operator to verify the quality of work at any time, presenting key information about the combine’s activity at a glance. Standard headers are available in the following sizes: 4.20 m, 4.80 m, 5.40 m and 6.30 m. Each version is built with planetary transmission to guarantee high cutting frequency of about 1,220 rpm. The cutting system incorporates the patented tandem Schumacher Easy Cut II system.

An accurate cutting

A cutting header extension with two vertical side knives can be installed on the cutting bar to harvest rapeseed, and a special kit can adapt the header for sunflowers. For even more accurate cutting, an automatic control function compensates the lateral floatation of the cutting bar to enhance precision, especially for broader cutting widths. The new Varicrop variable header is available with a working width of 4.50 m, 5.50 m or 6.50 m and allows farmers to adapt the cutting length to better meet with any kind of crop from barley to rape. The threshing system of the C6205 retains the characteristics of the C9000 and C7000 Series, guaranteeing top performance for every type of product with the aim to provide high grain and straw quality. With a diameter of 600 mm, the threshing drum is comprised of eight robust bars bolted to five supports.

The system is enhanced by a turbo separator that can increase the working capacity of the combine harvester by about 20%. The machine can thus deliver maximum performance even when dealing with an especially abundant harvest or tough conditions such as green straw. The concave of the C6205 has a broad winding angle of 121°, taking full advantage of the separating surface. The monolithic concave version is available in three wire spacing variants – 11, 14 and 16 m – to suit different crops. A segmented concave (optional) enriches the C6000 Series threshing system. It allows fast reconfiguration of the combine harvester during the harvesting season with customised threshing and separation settings according to different crops and working conditions. The segmented concave consists in three longitudinal concave sections available in three wire spacing variants – 11, 14 and 20 mm – which can be easily replaced without removing the combine feeder channel. For crops that require even more delicate treatment, a synchronized straw beater with the threshing drum is available as an option.

Maximum cleaning with minimum effort

The long, closed straw walkers of the C6000 Series allow precise separation in any conditions, including damp material and heavily weed infested crops. The preparation pan and pre-sieve are at the centre of a two-stage process to increase the cleaning performance of both sieve layers. Cleaning effectiveness is boosted by a ventilation system with a cross-flow turbine. Despite its compact size, the C6205 has a turbine fan fitted as standard, which blows air across the entire width of the combine harvester thanks to its large diameter (400 mm) and a total of 44 blades along the length of the rotor. The DEUTZ-FAHR C6205 can be also fitted with a high-performance straw chopper and chaff spreader that can always handle large quantities of residual product with maximum efficiency. This equipment is easy to engage and adjust, ensuring excellent results and significant time savings. Another distinctive feature of the C6205 is the double grain return (DGR) system, which improves the performance and efficiency of the threshing system while reducing losses. The return material is sent back to the grain preparation pan through two lifting channels. These channels contain two beaters that shell much of the uncleaned product in the time it takes to be transported from the sieve tank back onto the grain preparation pan. The DEUTZ TCD L6 T4F 6.1 L engines stand out for their high output and consistent performance. With common rail injection, 24 valves and an electronic governor system, these engines deliver exactly the right amount of power for all scenarios and can respond to load peaks with no loss in productivity. The diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) system combined with selective catalytic reduction (SCR) technology considerably reduces emissions of nitrogen oxide (NOx), one of the main pollutants caused by combustion. Superior driver comfort and ease of use, unbeatable threshing and clearing performance, the largest grain tank capacity and maximum equipment flexibility for all types of grain make the C6000 Series a unique gem – ideal for any farm that wants to rely on its own resources at harvest time.


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