The new tire lineup for high-performance tractors


Minor environmental impact, optimum lateral stability and top riding comfort – these are just a few of the particular features of the new BKT high-speed tire Agrimax Sirio. Specially designed for high-performance tractors, the tire is ideal for heavy towing operations with extremely heavy loads at high speed up to 70 km/h. Definitively innovative and thanks to its speed index class E, Agrimax Sirio allows to pull heavy loads. The new sidewall compound and the enhanced bead reduce the heat generated in the tire due to the particular stress at high speed. The new tire is eco-friendly. The combination of a homogeneous footprint on the ground, i.e. a major contact area, and a minor rolling resistance favors a minor fuel consumption reducing hence both the environmental impact and the costs for the farming business. Thanks to the special casing and its six polyester belts, Agrimax Sirio has been developed to guarantee outstanding stability and optimum stand both on the road and in the fields. Agrimax Sirio also stands for comfort: the high sidewall flexibility offers extraordinary riding comfort at any operating condition. The new Agrimax Sirio tire is already available on the market in five sizes: 540/65 R 30, IF 600/70 R 30, 540/65 R 34, 540/65 R 38 and 710/70 R 28.

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