Isodiametric specialized tractors


The BCS  Volcan Dualsteer® are isodiametric specialized tractors with the exclusive double steering system Dualsteer®. The Dualsteer® combining safety and stability of the steering wheel ‘RS’ version with the performance in curves and manoeuvrability of the ‘AR’ version with central articulation. The standard reversibile driving position, the short wheelbase and the steering radius to 2200 mm. only make the Volcan Dualsteer® the ideal machine to be used both on slopes and in the most extreme conditions, where the ability to move with ease and in total safety becomes the only way to work: vineyards and orchards with narrow row spacing, greenhouses as well as all the maintenance works, both in summer and winter, typically done by local municipalities. Two VM four cylinder engines are available: 79 hp (Volcan V850) or 91 hp (Volcan V950). The 32 speed gear (16FW+16RV) with a synchronised inverter means it can easily reach 40 km/h. The 4-wheel drive has got an electro-hydraulically controlled disengagement of the front one, which allows you to move effi ciently on steep slopes as well as on uneven grounds, while improving the transfer of loads on the road. The electrohydraulically controlled front and rear differential lock, simultaneously or rear only, assures the best traction on any type of grounds. The clutch is multiple disc running in an oil bath with hydraulic command and movement using a PRO-ACT System. The service brakes are independent, multiple disc in an oil bath with hydraulic, four wheel drive command. The hydraulic system consists of a double circuit with two independent pumps and dedicated heat exchanger. A joy stick with electronic control (optional), is used to control both the hydraulic system and the rear lift with a single device. The Volcan cabs have been designed with the greatest care to even the smallest details to guarantee the inside comfort and not to damage the environment in which they operate. The structure is mounted on silent block suspended platform completely independent from the chassis of the tractor in order to reduce noise and vibrations.

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