Ideal for strawberries cultivation


AL-S14 PLUS  from Checchi&Magli makes beds by means of conveying ploughshares and lays mulching film at the same time, ideal for strawberries cultivation. Suitable for realization of lightly lifted sowing-transplant beds (with or without mulching film). Rapid decoupling allows to use either the bed-maker machine or mulching film layer inde­pendently (specific 3rd point linkage optional; see accesso­ries). On request AL-S19 PLUS for beds from 45 to 120 cm and plastic up to 190 cm.

AL BED FORMER forms the bed in the soil by 4 front conveyor ploughshares, stainless steel levelling roller with a large diameter and support wheels with practical crank handle regulator to pre­cisely adjust the roller height from the ground. Adjustable bed height from a minimum of 10 cm up to a ma­ximum of 30 cm. Width of the upper part of the adjustable bed from 45 to 90 cm. S14 – S19 PLUS PLASTIC MULCH FILM LAYER is particularly suitable for placing plastic mulch film on grounds with already made beds. It lays the plastic film of a width up to 140 cm (S 14 PLUS) or 190 cm (S 19 PLUS) and also earths it up laterally with large diameter rear discs that are adjustable in depth, width and incline. Compatible with plastic, paper, cellulose and with all main types of biodegradable materials. It is equipped with a practical additional reel carrier.

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