Axles and stub axles for soil cultivation machinery

The components of axles and stub axles which equip machines dedicated to tillage are subject to a dangerous attrition.


Dust, stones, mud and harsh chemicals can compromise in a serious way the efficiency of vital components, such as seals and bearings inside the hub, broken which, the functionality of axles and stub axles is less. To solve the problems just mentioned, TVZ srl has designed a series of seals and specific protections, to equip axles and stub axle, used in machines for processing ground.

Industrial seal: It has good mechanical protection, the seal consists of a metal ring, which almost close to the seat of the inner bearing in the hub. The metal ring acts as a shield for rocks and stones. On the metal ring is mounted a double lip seal, that protects the hub from the entry of contaminants, and prevents the loosing of the grease.

Seal with dust cover: It has an excellent mechanical protection, the seal consists of two metal rings, one of which embraces the outside of the hub, and the other which goes almost to close the seat of the inner bearing of the hub. The outer metal ring acts as a shield for rocks and stones. On the two metal rings are vulcanized seals that protect the hub from the outside and from the inside, creating a maze that traps contaminants which are able to enter.

Grease nipple: At seal listed, is possible to add the action of the lubricator. In addition to security features listed, the presence of the lubricator allows frequent and fast replacement of the grease inside the hub. It prevents that the contaminated grease lose its effectiveness, affected loss of life of the bearings.

Threaded cap: Another trick that you can take, is to mount even a threaded cap, which is screwed to the hub (look at the picture). With this choice, it eliminates the possibility of losing cap from the hub, for example, after a collision with an obstacles or after an erroneous insertion. The standard cups are planted in the bearing housing with little interference, a frequent mounting and dismounting can make this interference weaker, increasing the chance of losing the cap. The use of specially designed components, greatly increases the strength of axles and stub axles in these extreme conditions, this does not exclude that the best protections remain always effective and frequent maintenance, and constant monitoring of the conditions of the components.

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