Thirty years of success

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The first thirty years of Agrimaster, the brilliant Emilian brand specializing in the production of agricultural machinery, validate more than satisfactory balances confirmed by the present positive trend shown by the main business indicators. Since the year of its foundation in 1984, the beautiful reality created by Giorgio Martoni in Molinella, located in the Bologna countryside, has experienced a constant growth and has been able to establish itself in a world scenario, becoming known and appreciated everywhere thanks to its high-end products and highly differentiated range. Characterized by the first series of shredders, completely designed and manufactured at Agrimaster (at the time only a small workshop), they have always aimed at being one step ahead.  Thirty years ago the first large diameter rotors were manufactured (with pipes from 194 to 273 mm), followed shortly by the new mulching shredder, created by Agrimaster twenty years earlier in comparison to what is believed as a news of today by some in the industry. Afterwards the first shredder with knives arranged in 8 rows completely made in Italy was manufactured and showed at Eima in Bologna in 1987. In the nineties they started the production of sprayers and shortly after hedge mowers, immediately diversified in a wide range of models. Then at the threshold of the new millennium, with great insight, the company started to work on considerably wide machines (even wider than 9 meters), meant for working on land of vast dimensions and able to improve performance at lower costs. But this is not all, because Agrimaster has been the first company in its sector in Italy to be awarded the quality certification Iso 9001:2000 and it is one of the few to claim recognition for the certification of environmental quality Iso 14001:2004. Therefore also a commitment at the forefront of social and environmental aspects, confirmed in 2009 by the timely installation of two photovoltaic plants to generate clean, renewable energy in the production sites. Giorgio Martoni’s initial gamble played on innovation and foresight has therefore proven to be successful and has given Agrimaster the current reputation of international importance, solid quality guarantee, reliability and talent, supported by remarkable numbers. Nowadays the company from Molinella can boast a farm area of 6,000 square meters that house the entire production process, from design, final testing and implementation. The result is a product range that spans more than 380 models, including shredders, hedge mowers, sprayers and forklifts. And, in line with the constant research that characterizes Agrimaster, the offer is constantly expanding. The share of export is constantly growing as well, including all Europe, Canada and South America, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

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