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Spin-On Completi

The Fai Filtri company has been operating within the field of industrial filtration since 1976, with a constant growth in terms of both turnover and the number of sales areas. Since the early 1980s, the company has been present on Asian, American and, of course, European markets. An effort that resulted in exports accounting for 70% of what the company currently manufactures. On the Italian market the company’s customers include some of the leading manufacturers of compressors and it has a widespread sales network that can count on numerous, highly qualified retailers. All this was made possible thanks to a carefully studied programme of investments made in technology, new systems, human resources and the ability to update products in keeping with market demand. Among the numerous product ranges, mention can be made of a series of complete filters and spin-on oil cartridges that come in different models and sizes to suit all filtering and application requirements, resulting in the possibility of being able to effectively check for contamination in hydraulic, lubrication and engine circuits. The main characteristic of these components is the easy, fast and clean way that any clogged-up cartridges can be replaced without the need for any additional equipment, a major factor that is particularly important in an operational context where working conditions are very bad. The high quality standards of Fai Filtri products has enabled the production of air-oil separators used for separate oil from  air on the outlet of both rotary screw or vane compressors; an essential condition when operating within areas such as food processing, electronics, pharmaceuticals, mechanics, textiles, etc. From the point of view of making constant improvements and offering a complete customer service, Fai Filtri has also come up with a new range of integrated air-oil separation units complete with minimum-pressure valves and thermostatic valves, great for applications on all screw compressors, with a capacity of up to 12 m3/h.

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