A step up into the premium class

Fendt has expanded the C-Series and equipped it with state-of-the-art technology. With the VarioGuide automated steering system and the six-row straw chopper, the C-Series combines set new standards in the premium segment of the upper mid-horsepower class.


The tried and tested operating interface in the generously designed Skyline cab, the Fendt Variotronic with the large Varioterminal 10.4“, is already standard in the Fendt C-Series. Also new is the VarioGuide automated steering system which is fully integrated in the terminal. It increases threshing capacity by reducing the number of unnecessary passes and optimising the field division. The system is conveniently adjusted and controlled using the Varioterminal. In addition to the American GPS satellites, VarioGuide can also use the Russian GLONASS satellite system. Moreover, VarioGuide is already ready for the use of the planned Galileo system. The parallel use of different satellite systems guarantees that the automatic steering system is highly reliable. Fendt offers VarioGuide in three accuracy classes: the Standard range with an accuracy of +/- 20 cm, the Precision range with +/- 5 cm and the RTK range with an accuracy of +/- 2 cm. Regarding correction signals, Fendt offers open access, so that many different signal types can be chosen according to need. VarioGuide works with satellite-based signals, such as EGNOS or OmniSTAR, as well as ground-based RTK signals via radio or mobile network (Ntrip).

Intelligently guided, efficient table

In addition to the FreeFlow table, which is characterised by its reliability and stability, the Fendt C-Series can also be equipped with the PowerFlow table. The high-capacity table, which is known for its active crop feed and high productivity, is now also available in a working width of 7.70 m. The automatic table control has also been further optimised and now reacts even more precisely and sensitively, producing a perfect stubble pattern. Just like the automatic cutting height and lowering control, it is conveniently controlled using the Fendt Variotronic.

Also very efficient in very steep areas with Integrale

Besides the tried and proven ParaLevel front axle, which compensates for slopes up to 20 percent, an additional system – the Integrale – is now available for slope compensation in the Fendt C-Series (5275 C PLI). While ParaLevel compensates lateral tilt on slopes, the Integrale system compensates longitudinal tilt. This additional system for the five-walker machine acts on the rear axle. Going up slopes, the system can level a longitudinal tilt of up to 30 percent and going down slopes up to 10 percent. The combination of ParaLevel and Integrale keeps the machine completely horizontal, even on very steep slopes, and enables optimal crop flow into the feeding and threshing units, onto the walkers and into the cleaning area. That guarantees clean threshing and grain quality and the same productivity as in flat terrain.

Straw chopper

Completely new is that Fendt has equipped its C-Series combines with a premium class 6-row straw chopper. It was developed especially for min-till and direct seeding operations. It optimises spreading and chopping and ensures fast decomposition of the straw. The serrated knives ensure a clean cut and reduce power consumption. The infinitely adjustable counter knives, an additional dimple plate that can be pivoted in and electrically adjustable straw deflectors guarantee complete control over the quality and distribution of the chopped material. Operators can switch from swath shot to chopping with one hand grip and without requiring tools.

MCS Plus threshing unit

The proven MCS (Multi Crop Separator) Plus threshing unit is the heart of the C-Series. The heavy, high-inertia threshing cylinder sets itself apart through its very smooth running. The varying wire spacing on the concave – twice as big at the rear as in the front – ensures an optimal balance between high threshing and good separating capacity. The MCS Plus concave has a very large separating area, so as much grain as possible is separated before the crop goes to the straw walkers. This enables high threshing performance, even under difficult conditions. In easy-to-thresh crops and dry conditions, the concave can be swung up over the rotary screen. An electric motor brings the concave into the desired position – according to need.

The special rice version

Completely new is the Fendt C-Series combine for rice harvesting. Since harvesting rice poses a special kind of challenge for combines, a dedicated version is now offered for this application. To minimise material wear caused by a higher amount of dirt entering the machine, many components in this version have been strengthened and manufactured of low-wearing material. The threshing cylinder has pins instead of the bars to ensure gentle handling of the sensitive rice kernels. Because rice harvesting often takes place on wet ground, the rice combines are equipped with crawler tracks.

Leading-edge engine technology

The 6-cylinder engines from AGCO Power, with a common rail high-pressure injection system and four valves per cylinder, represent the latest in engine technology and deliver a maximum output (with boost) of 306 hp (5275 C) or 360 hp (6335 C). Fendt also uses the fuel-saving SCR technology in combination with the internal exhaust gas recirculation in its C-Series combines to ensure compliance with the latest emissions regulations. The use of urea solution for exhaust after-treatment not only significantly reduces particulate and CO2 emissions, but also lowers fuel consumption. For long harvesting days, the diesel tank of the C-Series holds 620 litres and the AdBlue tank 80 litres.

The tried and proven features remain

Of course, the generously designed Skyline cab, which provides impressive comfort and all-round visibility, has been maintained, as well as other successful and proven equipment features. These include preparation for the AGCOMMAND telemetry system, a complete conversion kit for maize harvesting, a large 9000-litre grain tank capacity in the standard version and an exceptionally clean grain sample thanks to the HighCapacity sieves.

by Stefano Lomagnesi

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