A new series of solenoid valves

Luen Ltd.  has expanded its range of solenoid valves presenting the new series of solenoid valves in spool cavity 7/8-14 UNF (SAE 10) and cavity metric M22x1, 5. The new series of solenoid valves with performance25 l / lmin. to 250 bar goes to cover optimally the performance range of standard size under consideration, offering more, the pressure drops much more contained in the standard of the market, which in some configurations, they even touch the 50% of the values standard. Please refer all other catalog data (such as leakage, power % min. Exchange, etc …) and the product fully in line and consistent with market data. These valves are therefore completely interchangeable both at the level of cavity with a standard product from makers such as Hydraforce, Comatrol (Sauer-Danfoss), Integrated, Delta Power, etc. .. and are used both on mobile systems, that of industrial systems where low flow, space and affordability solution, the solutions are to benefit at the expense of cartridge cetop solutions. To date, Luen, with these new valves, has already started to find favor with positive market, providing multi-function blocks of various mobile applications such as platforms, round bales, wheel excavators, spreaders, harvesting machines, etc.

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