Clod – breaker roller “Kiios”

The main function of clod-breaker rollers is to crush the clods produced by ploughing. They are particularly suitable for clayey and dry soils, favoring the preparation of a perfect seedbed so indicated for the work of seeding machines. They can also be used for constant soil compaction around growing crops, promoting by this way uniform development. In order to allow the cast iron roller to perfectly follow the undulations of the ground, the lateral sections of KIOS by   are connected to the frame in a central and balanced way, completely independent of each other. KIOS rollers are available from 4.50 m to 8.20 m, with a three-section structure that can be hydraulically folded directly from the tractor; equipped with large diameter cast iron and homologated for road transport, they represent the reference point for professionals in the sector. The roller can be equipped on the front with a leveling bar or a weeder. The leveling bar kit can be applied to all the rollers of KIOS series in order to transform the roller into a multi-purpose machine to be used in the different operations for seedbed preparation. The leveling bar is composed of flexible steel blades equipped with wearresistant flat shovel. These blades guarantee excellent leveling and accentuate the work of crushing clods. By means of a simple mechanical or hydraulic system, it is possible to vary the incidence of this level on the ground. The weeder kit combined with a seeder for covers, allows even greater efficiency of use of the equipment, combining two processes in a single step, with very high agronomic yields. A recent variant of KIOS roller consents the use of a hydraulically adjustable mulching roller instead of cast iron elements, equipped with sharp blades, which is particularly effective in the presence of residue (e.g. sunflower).

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