The Ferrari side shifter

The term “side shifter” is used to identify all the parts of a farm machine that are conceived to move (“side shift”) part of the frame either to the right or left while the tractor is moving forward. The side shifter is typically driven by one or more hydraulic cylinders which in turn are controlled by a valve that can be operated either by the operator or by an automated system.

The most known side shifters, within the Ferrari  product range, are certainly those installed on our weeders: REMOWEED and REMOLITE. In both cases the side shifter can be activated either by the operator or by a vision system (infrared or camera). In the case of REMOLITE it is also possible to equip the machine with the manual side shifter only (i.e. by placing a steering wheel on the weeding elements). The side shifter is also used on some Ferrari transplanters, in particular on models: FMAX, FPA EVO, FPP EVO, FX and FX MULTIPLA. These machines can be equipped with the hydraulic shifter for two reasons:

1) To get different working set-ups without having to add/take off transplanting elements (Example: a single row with central element can be easily adapted to a two-rows set-up by off-setting the element and planting twice (back and forth) on the same track).

2) The side shifter is required when planting in fields that are not perfectly flat. Hilly conditions might affect the position of the elements by out-balancing them. The shifters can therefore correct the error that occurs when the machinen has to deal with this type of environment.

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