Trelleborg honors farming professionals at “Tractor Driver of the Year” 2021 Contest

Trelleborg brought tractor drivers together on November 20th, 2021, to witness the talent that goes into easily handling the most complicated maneuvers with Trelleborg tire solutions.  Now in its third year, the unique “Tractor Driver of the Year” competition took place once again at Italy’s Cremona Circuit and saw 40 participants from across the country compete for the coveted prize that was awarded to Roberto De Simone.  Alessandro Mazzolini, Managing Director of Trelleborg Wheel Systems in Italy, says: “Seeing these drivers competing in this exciting event means witnessing tire excellence in action. It provides the perfect occasion for participants to try out for themselves the latest Trelleborg innovations in the field. This year, drivers had the chance to test our newest tire solution, the hybrid PneuTrac, to feel what it delivers in way of performance and how it keeps stable even in the most challenging circumstances”. Drivers performed a series of rigorous tests: maneuvering, hoisting, followed by reversing and maneuvering with a trailer. In addition, a stability challenge put Trelleborg’s PneuTrac tire to the test, proving its unbeatable performance on both steep slopes and muddy terrain. PneuTrac is a game changing innovation specifically designed for more delicate vineyards and orchards, which in Italy represents a significant part of the country’s agriculture. PneuTrac combines the advantages of a radial agricultural tire in terms of efficiency, comfort and handling, with the wide footprint and traction benefits of a track even out on the road. Trelleborg’s technical partner for the day’s events was the McCormick brand of Argo Tractors. It provided all of the tractors used in the competition. In particular, the McCormick X4.40 N tractor was fitted with a brand-new set of PneuTrac tires, sized VF 420/70R28, VF 280/70R20. “It was truly exhilarating for all of us at Trelleborg to spend a fun-filled day with our customers, who share our passion and commitment for farming, offering them a unique experience on the field” concluded Mazzolini.

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