Ferrari self-propelled transplanter

The Ferrari Costruzioni Meccaniche    self-propelled transplanting machines are becoming increasingly widespread among vegetable growers. The reasons for this are quite evident, however, we believe it can be worthy to summarizing them here below: more compact and easier to maneuver than a conventional tractor-driven machine; possibility to control the machine (start/stop/forward speed) from the plant loading area as well as from the driver’s seat; identical (or sometimes lower) required investment if compared to the cost of a conventional machine combined with the cost of a tractor; better plant load management (by applying forks or loading platforms); fuel savings thanks to the use of engines that are very often smaller than those that would be used on a tractor to pull/lift a machine with an identical set-up (Note: Ferrari offers 3 Kubota engines: 51, 74, 114 HP – Stage V – 4-wheel drive – hydrostatic transmission). Let’s see below the main self-propelled vehicles of the Ferrari range, starting from the latest one:

FPA/FPA MULTIPLA SELF-PROPELLED MODEL: in this photo you can see the first Ferrari self-propelled transplanter for crops on mulching film. In 2021 the first self-propelled FPA MULTIPLA model is also scheduled for delivery.

FASTBLOCK SELF-PROPELLED MODEL: available either with front and rear engine.

FX/FX MULTIPLA SELF-PROPELLED MODEL: available with front engine and rear pallet loading forks. Fixed or foldable frame.

FUTURA SELF-PROPELLED MODEL: at the moment it is the most sold self-propelled model at Ferrari. It offers all the advantages of the motorized propeller combined with those of the automatic transplant managed by a single operator.

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