SQR steering axles and SQS will change their look

With the goal of improving and of standardizing TVZ products, SQR steering axles (up to 13 ton, on the left) and SQS (up to 16 ton, on the right), will change their look.

The self-steering and the command steering version will be equipped with the same “body”, the difference will be in the central cylinder and in the presence/absence of the shock absorber. With this update the components between the beam and the steering bar will be less, leaving free space to fix the axle to the suspension, without having to adopt “ad hoc” solutions to find that space.

The fixing system of the realigning/command cylinder has been designed to allow the possibility to remove it from the back, without having to necessarily move the joints to which the wheels are fixed. This of course facilitates the maintaining of the piece on the long run.

It is possible to transform the steering from self-steering to command steering and vice versa, simply changing the central cylinder and mounting/unmounting the shock absorber.

The other characteristics and qualities of the steering joint remain unchanged, the conical pins with induction hardening and adjustments of slacks and bronze bushing, guarantee long lasting resistance and precise regulation of the steering angles. The welding of the bodies is all realized in robotized areas and all components positioned by special tools; the convergence is assured by the presence of a workstation dedicated to that sole purpose.

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