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Fendt Ideal

Even in a complicated year like the one spent, at Fendt there was optimism. Digitization, sustainability, full-line and innovation are the goals for the near future

Fendt’s goal for 2020 was to set a new record with 20,000 tractors, according to the 2020 strategy Fendt set for itself in 2017, which is now drawing to a close. «From a company perspective as a whole, the strategy has been very successful» said Christoph Gröblinghoff, Vice President, Brand Head Fendt EME e Chairman of the Management Committee. But Fendt looks beyond: «We are currently working closely with the AGCO Group on a follow-up strategy for Fendt. In doing so, we focus on continuity and we are well aware of the challenges and future needs of our customers. Our goal is to develop the Fendt brand into a global, digital and sustainable full-line supplier to the agricultural industry. Important growth markets within the globalization initiative are North America, Brazil, Australia and New Zealand. The development of digital products and services, such as FendtONE, and the increasing digitization of business processes as part of the DCX project are becoming increasingly important for the optimization and documentation of processes in the agricultural field. The issue of sustainability also comes back to the forefront with the new strategy. With targeted projects in the areas of product development, production and social responsibility, Fendt is living up to its social and ecological responsibilities. And for the complete full-line program, we focus on innovation and Fendt quality to continue to meet the requirements of the Fendt premium brand».

And again «Fendt is and remains the high-tech brand of the AGCO Group. Around 500 engineers work on numerous new development projects every day. Due to the steadily increasing demand for additional development capacity, particularly in the area of electronics/digitization, a new six-story building in the research and development center in Marktoberdorf is currently under construction, creating around 120 new and interesting jobs. In 2020, the budget for research and development was around 80 million euros, with a steadily growing trend for the next few years» Gröblinghoff concludes.

The Momentum seeder, for precision sowing on large areas.

Products under the lens

Momentum planter, the giant from Fendt

The Fendt Momentum precision planter is available from July 2020 in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Australia, North America. In Brazil it was introduced in 2019. There are two configurations: the Fendt Momentum 16 has 16 rows with a toolbar width of 12 meters, while the Fendt Momentum 24 features 24 rows and a toolbar width of 18 meters. Both machines offer a row spacing of 70 cm, the volume of the two seed tanks is 4,581 liters and the volume of the optional liquid fertilizer tank is 3,785 liters. We’re in the business of high-precision seeding over large areas: thanks to its flexible frame and sophisticated singulation system, the Fendt Momentum seeder accurately and evenly places the seed in the soil and thus maximizes harvesting potential. Sensors in the Fendt Momentum record, evaluate and display the data of each seeding unit in real time to continuously optimize seeding. Thanks to the vSet® seed metering unit, the vDrive® electric motor and the SpeedTube® seed tubes, the Fendt Momentum stands for precise singulation and seed placement, even at high speeds – whether it is corn, sunflower or soybeans.

Xaver, latest generation of seed sowing robots

Xaver is the result of innovative research projects. It is a field robot for precision planting. The seed unit from Precision Planting, developed by the AGCO Group and embedded in Xaver, enables seed positioning with centimetre-accuracy. The robots are equipped with the Fendt Guide parallel guidance system. In addition, Fendt Xaver is integrated into the FendtONE platform and can therefore be managed together with the rest of the machine fleet. This allows a seamless exchange of field data, including waylines, between tractor and robot as well as between robot and field management database. The swarm system with which these robots work allows for reduction in investment and power costs, minimization of failure risks from robot redundancy, and integration of autonomy and precision farming. After sowing with Xaver you get a map of all plants in the field, which is the basis for all follow-up work such as crop protection, mechanical weed control and fertilization. The new generation of the Fendt Xaver combines the advantages of compact swarm robots with the performance of the Precision Planting unit and the integrated FendtONE digital platform.

The new generation of the field robots Xaver for precision planting: Precision Planting, lane guidance Fendt Guide, integrated FendtONE platform, all in one machine.

Mulchers, presses and much more

For Katana mulchers, the new Fendt Katana 650 models are currently available. The first feedback from professional drivers and contractors is extremely positive. The Fendt baler range also continues to perform well. ‘Demand has also grown steadily for the Fendt haymaking machines: mowers, tedders and windrowers. The offer of Fendt forage wagons, which has now been completed, is very popular.

For trailed and self-propelled sprayers, the offer has been further expanded with new products and additional boom variants. The Fendt Cargo T955 telehandler, presented for the first time at Agritechnica 2019, is in the midst of a multi-stage market launch. Potential customers especially appreciate the raised cab, the massive structure and the efficiency of the new Fendt telehandler. Finally, the combine harvesters, which are among the key machines for contractors and larger farms and, due to the complexity of threshing technology, are among the big challenges for agricultural machinery manufacturers: the new Fendt Ideal series and the straw-walker models stand out.

Cab of Vario 200 Profi+: the 10″ digital dashboard and 12″ terminal on the side make it easy to use ISOBUS-enabled implements with simultaneously activated lane guidance system in vegetable cultivation

New generation of Fendt 200 Vario

More than ten years after its initial introduction, the Fendt 200 Vario series has been completely revised. The new Vario 200 is more efficient, more comfortable and more customizable. Even the design is noticeable: the design of the large tractors has also been transferred to the smaller series. Along with a new cab, the intuitive FendtONE operating philosophy for easy and comfortable operation is also part of the Fendt 200 Vario series. The Fendt 200 Vario series includes five models (Fendt 207 Vario, Fendt 208 Vario, Fendt 209 Vario, Fendt 210 Vario, Fendt 211 Vario) with outputs ranging from 79 to 124 hp (maximum output according to ECE R120). Thanks to the DynamicPerformance (DP) power boosting concept, the Fendt 211 Vario reaches 124 hp. All models are available in the equipment versions Power, Profi and Profi+ (formerly ProfiPlus). At the heart of all models is the 3-cylinder, 3.3 litre AGCO Power engine, which complies with Stage V of the European emission standards thanks to a diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC), diesel particulate filter (DPF) and selective catalytic reduction (SCR), but without exhaust gas recirculation. The Visctronic fan is electronically controlled according to the required cooling capacity. This reduces fuel consumption and enables quieter operation. The spacious and ergonomic cab of the Fendt 200 Vario is higher than the previous model and offers more headroom. The new control console with multi-function joystick allows an easy and intuitive machine operation. The FendtONE operating concept includes a new control panel on the side with the multifunction joystick, crossgate lever and optional 12″ terminal. The 10″ digital dashboard is mounted on the steering column. The display shows, for example, driving speed, engine speed and fluid fill levels. The digital dashboard can be operated via the turn-push control on the steering column. This makes it simpler and more intuitive to make various settings to the machine. The Fendt 200 Vario comes with electronically controlled valves as standard, for easier working. This allows you to precisely control the flow rate and easily select time functions. A new design of the roof window of the Fendt 200 Vario has optimized the view of the front loader. In the new generation of the 200 Vario, the crossbar between the windscreen and the roof window is narrower and the inspection window has been enlarged. This is particularly useful when working with high front loader, such as bale storage. The Fendt 200 Vario Power with its low center of gravity, manoeuvrability, continuously variable Vario gearbox and auto AWD/differential lock is particularly suitable for alpine use. The Fendt 200 Vario Profi with the standard load sensing pump (LS) and the optional 3L joystick is perfectly equipped for front loader work. The 3L joystick can be used, among other things, to operate the front loader with integrated directional shift function. Doors are also available on the left and right, so that you can get on and off from either side. The Fendt 200 Vario Profi+ offers almost all possibilities for Smart Farming with high level of driving comfort. The 10″ digital dashboard and 12″ side-mounted terminal make it easy to use ISOBUS-enabled implements with simultaneously activated lane guidance system in vegetable cultivation. The terminal can show various machine functions, ISOBUS functions and lane guidance functions. Drivers can adapt the display to their specific needs. Use a planter or a hoe with Fendt Guide (formerly VarioGuide), to work with maximum precision and keep everything under constant control.

The Fendt 200 Vario series has been completely revised

In the Fendt 211 Vario, the innovative power-boost concept DynamicPerformance releases up to 10 hp more power on-demand, through a control that adjusts just when it is needed. DP is not tied to driving speeds or special operational tasks, but works in a purely dynamic way. The system detects when components such as the PTO, hydraulics, engine fans and air conditioning require more power and, as a result, provides that added power through smart control. The concept of increased DP power also comes into play in stationary-PTO work, such as at the feed mixer on dairy farms. DynamicPerformance is also activated in transport or field work, when power consumers need a boost. The 10 hp added power of the Fendt 211 Vario is interesting for farms that need a compact, lightweight and agile tractor, that can also cover higher power demands when needed.

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