The original makes the difference

 To make the maintenance of its products easier, TVZ   offers you its “new” catalogue of spare parts. You can easily find all the components that you need to maintain all products at the best efficiency. Safety is the main feature to define the quality of an axle. For this reason TVZ recommends  to use only TVZ original spare parts for the maintenance of your axles. Only if you use original spare parts your vehicle will give also in the long time term the best efficiency. Moreover, in case you have to sell your machine, it will be always competitive on the market. Another very important feature for an axle is the capacity to reduce the stop of the machine. Everyday the agricultural machines become heavier and they move a lot on the road to cover distances that some years ago were not possible even to think. You can easily understand how important it is to have quality axles, always on top of their performance. TVZ gives to the customers all its experience concerning good quality spare parts and components, if you know the code of your axle or the dimensions of the damaged components, then it will be easy to identify the component you were looking for. If you cannot read the plate properly or you cannot identify your axle, please take contact with their technicians, they will help you to identify the original TVZ spare parts. The new spare parts catalogue offers groups of spare parts, organized and supplied in complete packaging. Every kit has an identification code and is showed on the catalogue in detailed tables and technical drawings, to help the operator to easily recognize which product the kit belongs to. Each TVZ product meets all the requirements in terms of quality, reliability and safety.

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