Latest from Ferrari: Multipla and Flash

Last born at Ferrari   since this year the Multipla transplanter has a new design that has already attracted a lot of interest amongst the farming community. Multipla is a twin transplanter able to plant a double row of seedlings in plugs of different shapes. Every planting unit can be handled by just one operator. Ferrari offers 5 different versions of the same machine in order to cover a wide row spacing range: from 21 cm (8”) up to 100 cm (39”). The new Multipla generation has given up the aluminium cup with paddle and is now equipped with a plastic cup with flat bottom while the carousel is always turning in clock motion – the identifying mark of all the Ferrari transplanters. This simple but very effective change can guarantee a higher working speed combined with an increased lifetime of some key parts of the unit that on the older model were wearing out faster. At the moment Ferrari offers this new feature just on two Multipla versions: the FX and the Standard Multipla. The first one is suitable for high density crops (primarily lettuce, onions and some varieties of brassicas). The second is suitable for taller plants (primarily tomatoes and brassicas). The Flash Ferrari transplanter is a layer&transplanter able to lay the plastic film, fix it on the ground and transplant plugs of different shapes. The transplanting can take place on bare ground, in greenhouses or in open fields achieving an hourly performance up to 3.500 plants per row. The row distance is adjustable starting from 35 cm [13.78’’], while the distance on the row can be set from 18 cm [7.09’’] to 165 cm [64.96’’]. In order to reach narrower row distances (starting from 25 cm [9.24’’]) or to reduce the use of personnel Ferrari realized the Flash Multipla version that allows carrying out the transplanting of two rows with just one operator per element.

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