New Agri Max 50.8 PowerX2

The Agri Max GD family includes agile and compact vehicles whose standout feature is power coupled with load capacity. They are ideal for work environments where there is a need to handle large volumes while reducing work cycle times, such as nurseries, mills, producers of grain or feed, and biogas or recycling plants. In addition to incorporating all the features of the New Agricultural Range, the AGRI MAX 50.8 POWERX2 adds a NEW HVT1 transmission, the result of a long-standing and intense technical partnership between DIECI  and Dana Rexroth. To get the best performance out of a new vehicle, it is not sufficient to assemble multiple high-tech components together. Instead they need to be integrated in order to achieve the homogeneous development of the vehicle system as a whole: in short, this was the goal of the synergy between DIECI and Dana Rexroth. The transmission mounted on the new AGRI MAX 50.8 POWERX2 is a modular unit composed of two main parts, one mechanical and one hydraulic, combined with a single planetary gearbox.

At the beginning of the movement, power is mainly supplied by the hydraulic part. As the speed increases, the hydraulically delivered power is progressively reduced, while the power supplied by the mechanical part increases. When reaching high speeds, power is supplied exclusively by the mechanical part, thereby obtaining maximum system efficiency. When the driver decreases the speed, the process is reversed and the hydraulic transmission is used exclusively to bring the vehicle to a standstill. The ability to uncouple the vehicle speed from the engine speed substantially reduces fuel consumption without lowering the vehicle’s productivity. The powerplant is a powerful and reliable 16-valve FPT Stage V/Tier 4f 125 kW, liquid-cooled diesel engine with common rail and turbo aftercooler. The maximum load capacity of 5000 kg and maximum lifting height of 7.70 m contribute to making the AGRI MAX 50.8 POWERX2 particularly suitable for handling high volumes, also aided by the comprehensive set of equipment and specific attachments for every need.

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