Trelleborg TLC Plus Awarded Disruptor Excellence Award

TLC Plus from Trelleborg Wheel Systems–industry/agricultureis an advanced sensor-based check-up system that measures tire pressure. At the Big Disruption Conference held in Amsterdam, April 11-12, it received the ‘Disruptor Excellence Award 2019’, which celebrate disruptive innovations. This award comes after the successful launch of TLC Plus, initially presented at the EIMA show in Bologna in November 2018 and then at the SIMA show in Paris in February 2019. The innovative solution of measuring the tractor’s tire pressure in real-time, and then comparing it with the optimal target pressure suggested by the TLC Plus App, has been recognized as a big disruptor in the precision farming industry. The jury of the award was made by senior executives from large global companies with specific expertise on corporate innovation and digital transformation. Lorenzo Ciferri, VP Marketing & Communications at Trelleborg Wheel Systems, says: “Our digital transformation process started some years ago based on our strategy of delivering innovative tools to customers to optimize their farming operations, improve the efficiencies of their machines and guarantee a sustainable development for agriculture. This award is recognition of a fantastic team effort which started almost one year ago, with a dedicated internal group focused on delivering a solution with state-of-the-art technology. “Adopting the right tire pressure can reduce farming variable costs by over 20%. This is because this lowers fuel consumption, while increasing traction power and crop yields, protecting and enhancing the modern farming business. All of these benefits were highly appreciated by the jury.” The TLC Plus App from Trelleborg Wheel Systems is available for download on the App Store and Google Play.

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