Specialised vegetables transplanters

The 2019 planting season will start with a re-styling of the Fastblock by Ferrari Costruzioni Meccaniche (https://ferraricostruzioni.com/en/), the last square block transplanter developed by the Italian farm equipment specialist.  Fastblock will still combine planting quickness with precision. However in order to cope with difficult ground conditions (stones and clods in particular), the planting elements will be floating together with the frame by using a parallel linkage. Every row will mount a pneumatic cylinder in order to give the operator the ability of changing the packing wheels pressure simultaneously. Moreover, the user will be able to modify the planting depth just by activating two hydraulic rams installed on the frame. The company is also working on a new conveyor belt fitting to handle the large quantity of plants needed on multi-bed machines.  Ferrari presented the new Fastblock for the first time at the EIMA show in Bologna (Italy) last November.


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