Visibility for loader operations


Already ideally suited to loading duties, the addition of the new Visioline Roof option further enhances the Global Series tractors’ visibility, safety and efficiency when handling loads. Massey Ferguson’s Global Series is the first tractor range, developed in recent times specifically for the demanding 60 hp to 130 hp multi-purpose sector. As well as providing the most up-to-date specifications in their class, the tractors are also built using the most modern computer-aided design and manufacturing technology. The new Visioline Roof option further enhances the Global Series tractors’ loader work credentials. The glass roof, protected by sturdy metal bars, complies fully with both ROPS and FOPS protection standards.  It provides a clear view of the load at heights in all weathers and conditions, with the toughened glass screen equipped with its own, unique integral demist system and air vents. Glass offers superior performance than other materials, such as polycarbonate, because it does not ‘haze’ over time, provides a much clearer view and ‘demists’ quickly.

Loader is part of the design

All Global Series tractors can be specified loader-ready for work with a Massey Ferguson loader. The tractor will come equipped with a sub-frame, which is an integral part of the machine – designed specifically for the particular model, to maintain maximum manoeuvrability and ease of maintenance access. This helps maintain perfect visibility over the sloping bonnet, thanks to Massey Ferguson’s elegant approach exhaust emission reduction, using its simple, maintenance-free SCR system.

Mechanical Multifunction joystick

Further helping to integrate the loader into the tractor is Massey Ferguson’s Mechanical Multifunction joystick. As well as providing the main lift, lower, fill and dump functions, this also allows two to be used simultaneously – for example: lift and fill, lift and dump, lower and fill or lower and dump.

Simple shuttling makes loading simple

Direction changes are made simply and easily with the Power Shuttle transmission option, which provides fingertip forward/reverse shifts without using the clutch. With a button on the gear lever to shift gears, the system delivers completely clutch-free loading operations. With the standard, mechanical, shuttle the operator still benefits from hydraulic activation, which helps to ease the workload.

Class-leading cab for space and comfort

All models in the Global Series are fitted with largest cab in the sector, which is designed and built in Massey Ferguson’s cab facility at Beauvais. The spacious, air conditioned cab is equipped to the highest specification, offering industry-leading comfort, control and functionality. There is perfect access through wide opening doors on each side. There’s superb visibility through the large front screen and to the sides, thanks to the wide glass doors and curved quarter windows, with an excellent view to the rear through the back, opening window. The ergonomically designed layout assures ease of use, with straightforward operation from features seldom found in this class of tractor. Electro-hydraulic activation of the diff-lock and four-wheel drive, for example, eases the operator’s workload by automatically disengaging and activating the systems when the brakes are applied and according to the speed.

Modern high flow hydraulics

Massey Ferguson has developed a new open centre hydraulic system for the Global Series, which delivers the flow and pressure demands for operating modern equipment, and can be fine-tuned to enhance loading performance. A responsive, high pressure gear pump, on the MF 6700 and MF 5700 Series, supplies 58 litres/min for the rear linkage and auxiliary spool valves. A separate pump delivers 27 litres/min for auxiliary circuits including the steering, 4WD and diff-lock engagement as well as PTO control, which ensures there’s plenty of flow for essential operations. To boost loader performance these tractors can be specified with a combined flow system, which delivers 100 litre/min at the press of a button. This flow is also available through the two, standard double acting spool valves, without interfering with the other circuits. A third spool is an option for more demanding implements.


MF Global Series

The ultimate economical loader tractors

New Visioline roof option provides outstanding visibility further enhancing the Global Series tractor’s excellent loader features

Loader operations are an integral part of the design

Multifunction joystick lever and easy to use PowerShuttle provide straightforward and handy operation

Largest, most comfortable cab in the class

High specification hydraulics improve loader efficiency

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