The self-propelled weeder

Scorpion is the innovative self-propelled hoe introduced by Ferrari Costruzioni Meccaniche, a company at the forefront of mechanization in the horticulture field. This state-of-the-art machine is the combination of our cutting-edge automatic hoe “Remoweed” together with a specially designed self-propelled frame. The result is a solid agricultural machine developed to be able to clear away weeds both between lines of plants and amid plants on the same row (with an outcome capacity between 12000 and 14000 cleaned plants/hour) reducing both the labour force employed and the use of chemical products. One single passage is need to accomplish the operation with no need to go back and forth on the same track to complete the procedure. The machine is made up of as many units as the number of rows planted on every bed. Every single weeding element uses an infrared optical bar to detect weeds and plants. The cutting blades can cut weed under leaf without any risk for the plant. The operator can manually adjust their working depth while their opening and closing speed are automatically set according to the working speed and to the kind of soil detected.  The operator can interact with the hoe by using a very user-friendly touch screen. This device allows the worker to set all the operational parameters and to oversee the machine at work.  In this self-propelled version, the machine is equipped with hydraulic drive, 51 hp diesel Kubota engine, front markers and a self-running device named “Drivetronic”.  The last allows the operator to set a forward speed in order for the machine to run autonomously.

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