Increased power and lift performance



The MF TH Telehandler range includes models to meet all requirements from the semi-compact MF TH.6030, ideal for work in restricted spaces, through to the high capacity MF TH.7038 that can lift the heaviest high density bales. All offer fast and efficient cycles for loading as well as the power to tow a loaded trailer. The four new generation models offer lift capacities from 3 t to 3.8 t with lift heights from 6 m to 7 m. All are equipped with a hydrostatic transmission and are powered by a 3.4 litre four-cylinder Doosan engine, which delivers 100 hp on the MF TH.6030 and MF TH.7035 and 130 hp on the MF TH.6034 and MF TH.7038. All models have three selectable steering modes, two-wheel steer, four-wheel steer and crab-steer to provide optimum manoeuvrability in all operating conditions. “This new MF TH Telehandler Series takes our continuous improvement programme to an ever greater level,” says Campbell Scott, Massey Ferguson Director Marketing Services. “The new features on our renowned machines now deliver customers even higher performance, which allow them to carry out their work in more comfort, with greater productivity and with lower costs.”

The wide choice in the MF TH Telehandler Series allows customers to select a model that precisely matches the power and capacity they require. The MF TH.6030 semi-compact format combines two cab positions with excellent manoeuvrability from its short 5.71 m wheelbase and narrow, 2.1 m wide chassis, delivers unrivalled performance in tight areas, such as narrow barns and poultry buildings. Despite its compact dimensions, the MF TH.6030 can lift an impressive 3,000 kg to 6 m for optimum versatility when loading bales, fertiliser or manure. And, at just 2.1 m tall, the low cab version also offers access to height-restricted buildings. With a more powerful 130 hp engine, the MF TH.6034 excels in transport and features 190 litres/min hydraulic flow for faster cycle times. Capable of lifting 3.4 tonnes to 6.5m, it’s the perfect all-round materials handling workhorse. Applications requiring extra reach and lift capacity will be well served by the MF TH.7035 which combines a 100 hp engine with the ability to lift 3.5 tonnes and a maximum reach of 7 m. The ultimate materials handler for heavy, high density bales or demanding grain or muck loading workloads comes in the shape of the 130 hp MF TH.7038 which has a maximum lift capacity of 3.8 tonnes and lift height of 7 m. It offers 190 litres/min hydraulic capacity for the fastest work cycles and is the ideal choice for contractors or co-operatives.

Latest advanced engine power

All models in the MF TH series are powered by a new, 3.4 litre four-cylinder Doosan engine, which uses straightforward technology to meet the strictest emission regulations. The engine delivers 100 hp on the MF TH.6030 and MF TH.7035 and 130 hp on the MF TH.6034 and MF TH.7038. With no requirement for a variable geometry turbocharger, diesel particulate filter (DPF), regeneration or exhaust gas recirculation, the maintenance-free emission regulation system ensures full power is available all the time. The engine is now mounted lower in the machine, which further improves the visibility to the right-hand side. Access for servicing and maintenance is also improved by a new reinforced bonnet and catch. The fan Inverter, a proven feature from the MF 9000 Series Telehandler, is now available with an automatic option to keep the engine clean and working at maximum efficiency. This offers speed regulation depending on air temperature or can be adjusted to work at a pre-set speed, with the automatic mode selected via a button on the dashboard.

Efficient hydrostatic transmissions

A unique four-range hydrostatic transmission, on all the models, provides low speed, high torque delivery through two mechanical gears and two hydrostatic ranges, providing operators with the most accurate control during material handling.  An easy-to-set creeper function is ideal for operations that demand low speed at higher engine revs, providing increased control and accuracy for operations such as sweeping, feeding and straw spreading. A powerful load-sensing hydraulic system supplies up to 190 litres/min on the 130 hp machines and 100 litres/min for the 100 hp models, with proportional electro-hydraulic control delivering optimum accuracy and productivity. This delivers superb lifting performance even at low engine speeds, with Massey Ferguson’s SHS (Smart Handling System) allowing operators to set the maximum flow for smooth and accurate operation. Cushion Retract is now fitted to the boom, ensuring a smoother action and prolonging the life of the components. An additional electric control can be specified to provides a fourth and fifth service to operate demanding implements, such as straw choppers and feeding buckets.

Unrivalled all round visibility

The MF TH Telehandler cab offers best in class visibility from its curved glass combined with the new engine bonnet and low boom pivot point providing an uninterrupted view all round. The unrivalled view to the rear is particularly useful when working in tight and narrow spaces. An unobstructed view of front attachments ensures safe and precise loading and unloading, making it easier and safer to position bales or pallets at elevated working heights. A new front wiper design incorporates an additional small wiper together keep the screen clear to improve visibility and safety, regardless of the conditions. The high quality MF TH Telehandler cab is a quiet and comfortable environment, with controls arranged in an ergonomic lay-out, falling conveniently to hand for safe and easy operation. An electronic park brake is now standard. A wide-opening door, provides great access to make it easier to get in and out when the work requires operators to dismount frequently – often part of the routine on dairy and livestock farms. A high comfort suspended seat is an option. Operating comfort is further improved by the boom suspension option, which reduces shocks when working on rough terrain and in transport.


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