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The new 7 Series has been developed by DEUTZ-FAHR especially for contractors and large agricultural farms – enterprises that must deal with every seasonal job economically and efficiently. The easy-to-use and ergonomic MaxiVision 2 cab sets new standards in terms of working environment and operating comfort, offering good visibility on all sides. The new InfoCentrePro in the dash console features a five-inch colour display, which shows a complete range of up-to-date operating data and can easily be adapted to suit the driver’s information needs. The extremely comfortable armrest control with the MaxCom joystick is also new addition. DEUTZ-FAHR offers an optional 40,000 Lumen LED light package for excellent visibility and precise work in all light conditions. The cab interior benefits from reduced noise, vibrations and heat due to the fact that the cab and the engine hood are separated at the bulkead. The new air conditioning system operates quietly, guaranteeing uniform air distribution like no other model in this class. The sunroof is available in three designs: an easy-to-open polycarbonate roof, a glass roof with 84% UV absorption or a FOPS safety version for front loader operation. The new 7 Series is factory-fitted with the latest DEUTZ-FAHR precision farming systems. The features of the central monitoring and control unit are unique, as are its dimensions: the iMonitor 2.0 has a 12-inch screen. The new Deutz 6.1 engine not only meets Stage 4 (Tier 4 Final) emission standards, but also provides a greater torque reserve and starts with a larger torque – despite consuming 5% less fuel and AdBlue compared to the previous T3b engine. The new electronic Visco fan combined with the innovative cooling system increases efficiency. The new cooling group can be fully opened, allowing easy maintenance.

Continuously variable TTV transmission

The continuously variable TTV transmission covers a speed range from 0.2 to 60 km/h and has been upgraded for superior performance with new software. The top speed of 60 km/h is unique in its class. All top speeds of 40 km/h, 50 km/h and 60 km/h can be reached at a lower engine speed. Another unique feature in this tractor class is the intelligent, adaptive front axle suspension system. This guarantees maximum stability and traction on the road pulling  heavy loads, and in tillage work in the field. The innovative anti-dive system ensures stability and safety during transport operations. The new 7 Series is the only standard tractor that is fitted with high-performance dry disc brakes on the front axle. In combination with the booster brake system, this delivers maximum braking performance with the lightest pedal pressure.

The hydraulic technology of the new 7 Series was previously only available in higher classes. There are up to five control valves at the rear and two at the front. The highlight here is that all valves are proportionally controlled. New features are the position-controlled front linkage with a lifting capacity of 5480 kg and the ISOBUS interface at the front. The rear lifting capacity is 10000 kg. A pump output of 120 l/min is standard, while 160 l/min is available on request. The PTO speeds are 540ECO/1000/1000ECO at the rear, and 1000 or 1000ECO at the front – the ECO PTO can be activated more frequently thanks to the high output potential at low speeds. This significantly reduces fuel consumption and noise.

The new 7 Series  also benefits from a style which has been developed and refined in collaboration with Italdesign Giugiaro. Their clear and decisive lines for the hood, and their distinctive cab and generous use of high quality materials results in an aggressive yet user-friendly design which has become the hallmark of the latest developments in DEUTZ-FAHR tractor range. The new 7 Series from DEUTZ-FAHR is the ideal multi-purpose tractor when it comes to increasing the productivity of professional contractors and agricultural enterprises. It is the culmination of highly innovative and intelligent tractor technology made in Germany – both in the field and on the road.


The new 7 Series – keypoints

  • Best German technology for ultimate productivity
  • MaxiVision 2 cab that sets new standards
  • New InfoCentrePro
  • New armrest with MaxCom joystick
  • 40,000 Lumen LED package
  • Cutting-edge precision farming systems
  • Highly efficient Deutz 6.1 Stage 4 (Tier4 Final) engine
  • 60 km/h TTV transmission – unparalleled in its class
  • Unique suspension and braking system
  • Superior hydraulic technology
  • All valves proportionally controlled
  • New position-controlled front linkage

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