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From the heart of Italy to the world. This might be the motto of Enorossi, an Umbrian company that produces agricultural machines, used by farmers in a vast part of the globe. The corporate mission consists in making available for worldwide farmers, instruments granting them utmost profitability. “The Italian market” – comments Alex Carini, Group Sales & Marketing Manager of Enorossi – “was good for us in the last years and with a constant growth, undoubtedly a prefixed goal, considering that the company has been more and more export-oriented, also because several products were more suitable for other markets than for the domestic one. We identify in the internal market a new opportunity and, for this reason, we have made some investments, especially in the release of new products that will lead us to gain market shares in which we did not take part before, or we were scarcely present. We know that it is not the best time for the domestic market but we strongly believe in our distributors and for this reason we intend to increase our investments in Italy, here is our origin. It is worth bearing always in mind one thing: Italy remains a forefront Country in agricultural machines, since the sector employs real professionals with high skills. It will be essential for us the business relationship with our dealers in Italy, since they will rely on a range that will certainly make the distribution of our products more interesting and, we are certain, will allow attaining also our image enhancement, always keeping our feet on the ground”.

All for hay….

Its reference sectors are haymaking, seeding and soil preparation but the first constitutes the company’s core business, with a highly-diversified offer able to satisfy all requirements. In this segment, Enorossi proposes, for instance, a large range of mowers. The sickle bar mowers stemmed from an accurate study for use in various applications, especially in pastures; the complete range of disc mowers, in particular the new front disc Enostorm 300, with compact hitch, is equipped with a compensation system for adaptation to any tipe of ground. The carefully designed hitch shape brings centre of gravity as close as possible to the tractor in all working positions and the stabilizing springs keep the mower in central position during transport. The offer is complete also in the ambit of hay tedders, rotary rakes and hay fingers rakes, where Enorossi proposes ideal machines for all farmers and contractors, suitable for working also in mountain environments, requiring compactness and small footprint. In the ambit of small square balers, Enorossi proposes the range of Enopack 800/900 models, the Enopack consists of user-friendly machines, ideal for medium-sized farms. Available with double twine binding, they produce dense and well-shaped balers preserving forage qualities and perfectly meeting specific requirements for the animal feeding. The fixed chamber RB round baler, equipped with 16 steel rollers, is specifically designed for all working conditions, both for wet silage and it is ideal for harsh work conditions, even with aggressive product; the latest implementation is the model RB150 with chain fixed chamber, 120 x150 cm. of diameter. Enorossi completes its range for the forage harvesting with BW bale wrappers, thus providing suitable solutions, in terms of production capacity and prices, for agricultural farms of all sizes; the new mounted satellite bale wrapper BW100 is particularly suitable for hilly zones. The production range is completed by Henomixer mixer wagons, which find their ideal position in medium and large farms, granting a quick and perfect integration of the different products destined to the Unifeed preparation. Round bales of forage or silage are easily chopped thanks to the chopping-mixing equipment, consisting of strong vertical augers, equipped with special blades in tungsten that assure an optimal chopping and a quick mixing of products. The ration given to the cows is perfectly mixed, appetizing and respects the organoleptic characteristics of the products. The distribution of the finished products is offered with different discharge solutions, in order to keep the machine volume as low as possible.

… and much more

In the sector of farm machines, Enorossi proposes EnoKrunken, a disc cultivator machine designed for surface working of the seedbed. The discs are placed in two rows at opposite directions and the wide spacing (250 mm) minimizes any possible ground or crop residues clogging. The elements are connected to the frame with the Eno Cloking system, consisting of rubber buffers that absorb every vertical stress and do not require periodic maintenance. The wide range is completed by rear scraper blades, manure spreaders, front loaders and backhoes and at least – in the segment of seeding machines – the new Enoseed vacuum precision planters. “Our identity of products” – underlines Alex Carini – “are those that constitute the complete haymaking range, from cutting to harvesting and feeding. This is our main business but we have widened the range with new machines that we have presented at the last EIMA.  At the same time, thanks to the takeover of Monago Company at the end of 2014, we intend to grow as manufacturer of front loaders. We are going to offer a complete range of machines to our dealers and then not only haymaking implements, as it happened until few years ago.  Enorossi, then, will approach the market as a dynamic company that offers the full line”. Irrespective of the application sector, what does not change is the company’s approach that starts from research and development, with the technical team working so hard at the development of solutions able to satisfy the most specific requirements worldwide and is at disposal for consulting in the machine choice phase and after the purchase, to exploit its potentialities at best. In the after sale, Enorossi is hugely investing to go on taking care of its customers through its spare parts and technical assistance service on the spot.



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