BKT’s narrow radial tire for sprayers


The specialist tire, Agrimax Spargo, has been engineered on the basis of the distinct VF technology. It enables high load capacity along with minor soil compaction preserving crop productivity. Agrimax Spargo is BKT’s radial tire lineup for sprayers. Indeed, these special narrow tires are designed for row crop applications where reduced largeness is essential to pass through the plants without damaging them. One of Agrimax Spargo’s main features is the VF technology the tire has been engineered with. The acronym “VF” stands for Very High Flexion resulting in a 40% higher load capacity compared to a standard tire of the same size at the same inflation pressure. This leads to definitely reduced soil compaction, protecting and preserving crops. Both the tire structure and the lug design have been developed in such a way that crops are not damaged ensuring optimum stability at the same time. But there is more, while farming machinery is able to support heavier loads, there are less stops and operations are accelerated. VF technology ensures excellent traction along with a uniform contact to the land. Besides, Agrimax Spargo is the ideal tire for multipurpose use both on the field and on the road, where it is able to travel at 65km/h with a speed index D. Presently, Agrimax Spargo is available in three sizes: VF 380/85 R 38, VF 380/90 R 46 and VF 380/105 R 50. Agrimax Spargo is part of the BKT row crop line, suitable for use in vineyards. The patterns Agrimax RT 855, Agrimax RT 945 and Agrimax RT 955 are part of the same product family. All products have distinct features in common: high load capacity, excellent traction and self-cleaning, a long tire life as well as top performance on the road during transfers from one field to another.

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