Under a vision of a conservative agriculture


The “CULTIRAPID PRO” is a combination machine from MA/AG  for working the soil and the preparation of the seedbed under a vision of a conservative agriculture for the use as primary tool under the techniques of the minimum tillage. This equipment represents a further interesting variant of the “CULTIRAPID” machine, already well known from the customers from several years for its innovative characteristics and for its versatility. The equipment can be trailed or half brought and it is composed by a main frame with a monobeam structure where there are different working elements. The use of the new “modulate” frame, with central wheels, permits to reduce the total length of the machine so to encourage the use in the field and the road traffic. The machine is currently used on different types of work: on chopped corn stalks and also on corn stalks and stubble of wheat or rice standing, without the least clogging of the working elements. In both case, we obtain the complete cut of the stalk and of the root and the mixing with the top layers of the soil. The advantages derived from the use of this tool is to follow the approach of the minimum tillage with all the characteristics of the method (surface layer working only, best water development, reduction of the phenomenon of soil erosion, savings in terms of fuel and manpower, speed of working execution). The high working speed (10-20 Km/h) permits to operate with greater speed reducing the processing costs, granting an hourly output of 4-7 hectare. The working depth of the anchors is 20/30 cm (max), while the one of the discs and the star group is 5-15 cm. The equipment is available in the version with half-brought frame or trailed and hydraulically foldable at 2,55 m for the transport on road. The working width change from 4,00 m to 6,00 m, for tractors with HP from 200 to 300 HP.

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