Stubaxles for harrow discs


Stubaxles components for soil machinery undergo dangerous attriction. Dust, stones, mud and aggressive chemical agents can seriously damage the efficiency of very important components as seals and bearings so that a possible breackage is able to reduce axles and stubaxles functionality. In order to prevent these issues, T.V.Z. s.r.l.   has studied a range of seals and specific protections to equip axles and stubaxles for soil machinery. The stubaxles for harrow discs are available in 2 versions; for the first one the beam has to be welded while for the second one the beam has to be screwed. Both versions are available with integral ball or rolled tapered bearings according to customer requirements. The stubaxles are supplied unmounted with a premounted hub group, while hub, bearing and seal are assembled. In spite of similar solutions, that offer the bearing together with the hub, in order to simplify the maintenance system, we keep giving separate component for an easier replacement and without acting mechanically on the stub axle. This solution reduces costs and maintenance times; for example, by the bearing.

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