Top-level comfort and performance

McCormick tractors stand out for their reliable and solid characteristics, owners benefit from true automotive comfort and outstanding performance. Designed and tested using the latest technology and assembled incorporating stringent manufacturing processes ensures the new models offer durability and value for money.

McCormick  X6 on field

Sima was the ideal venue for presenting the new models added to the McCormick portfolio offering power ranges, from the smallest specialized operators to large arable units. There is a special focus on the X6 and X7 VT-Drive tractors, easily recognized thanks to their unusual yellow paintwork and distinct banding. Fitted with continuously variable transmission, these tractors represent McCormick’s solution to the efficiency requirements of farming professionals. Sharing many of the technical features as the powershift version of the X6 series, the new X6 VT-Drive variable transmission is produced by Argo Tractors, with multifunction armrest and VT-EasyPilot for controlling the tractor functions. The design by Argo technicians makes the tractor extremely easy to operate in all applications. Electronics ensure the engine and transmission work at their optimum to save fuel, reduce unnecessary wear and maximise implement performance. The McCormick’s X7VT-Drive models are equipped with a ZF produced four-range transmission and is available in three 4 cylinder models from 143 to 166 hp, the top model boosting to 175 hp and two 6 cylinder units 175 & 192 Power is the proven; BetaPower Fuel Efficiency engines are used and these are easily maintained by the large opening bonnet. Standard equipment for the entire VT-Drive range includes DSM (Data Screen Manager, this latest Touchscreen 12” monitor), allows operators to adjust and control the tractor’s operating parameters and performance. The ISOBUS area is compliant with ISO 11783 standards as well as displaying the PSM, Precision Steering Management package with EazySteer active steering function, when fitted to the tractor.

X7 2015 Models

McCormick’s X7 2015 Models have also received some technical enhancements that further increase the level of comfort and improve performance and operator convenience such as new mirrors and additional power supplies, and enhanced functions such as headland management and Auto shifting on the road. New components and materials mean in-cab noise has been reduced to unbelievable 70 dB(A), making it one of the quietest tractors in the market place. As an option, the ISOBUS system allows the tractor to totally interact with any ISO bus implement using the 12” DSM touch screen, this can be specified on X7.4 and X7.6 Pro-Drive tractors. In addition, the X7 series range now offers various satellite navigation options compatible with correction systems like EGNOS, Omnistar, or the more performance-oriented and accurate RTK technology.

X6 LWB Series

The X6 LWB Series was also on show at this year’s Sima and is launched on the European market in three models: X6.460-143 hp, X6.470-163 hp and X6.480-176 hp. Equipped with Tier 4 interim 4.5-litre, 16-valve engine with SCR emissions control. Optimized fuel consumption and a generously sized 270 l tank guarantee an excellent autonomy. The X6 LWB Series reflects the modern Family Feeling of McCormick’s new generation tractors. The wide opening bonnet provides unrestricted access to the engine compartment. Swing-up coolers make cleaning and maintenance both easier and quicker for the operator. The X6 LWB series has a mechanical shuttle 18F x 18R or can be supplied with the optional hydraulic shuttle and 3 speeds powershift (54F x18R). An optional creeper, with 410 m/hr minimum speed, is also available. The hydraulic circuit provides 87 l/min to the remote valve and linkage plus 38l/min dedicated to the steering system. Up to 5 valves are available. The new range always features an electronically controlled rear power lift with 8,400 kg maximum capacity, while the front linkage with optional PTO provides 3,500 kg lift capacity.

X6 Xtrashift Series

The X6.420 and X6.430 models with Tier 4 Interim Betapower Fuel Efficiency engines, the X6 Xtrashift Series now include a 140 HP Power Plus model. The Powershift transmission now aligns with the VT-Drive continuously variable transmission power ratings. New features include options that make field and road transport even more comfortable. First is cab suspension that uses a mechanical system that absorbs bumps and jolts smoothing out the ride in the cab. Secondly it may be fitted independent front wheel suspension, the hydraulic system works in conjunction with an electronic controller to optimise ride comfort and keep the wheel in contact with the ground and maintain traction and stability on the road and in the field. Traction is enhanced by the 100% electro-hydraulic control for both diff locks and 4WD engagement. A range of loaders are available for the X6, a choice of Load sensing hydraulics or gear pump may be specified, the tight turning angle and excellent vision from the cab make it an ideal tractor loader package.

by Edoardo Seregni

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