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The KDI 3404 model completes the platform of KDI diesel engines. The KDI series is a complete range from 30 to 100 kW, with 3 different engine sizes – the 1.9L  the 2.5L and now the 3.4L too. The decision to use cutting-edge technology ensures all the models meet current emission standards without the use of a particulate filter. This is made possible by the high-pressure common rail injection system (2000 bar) offering extremely clean combustion when it is combined with four valves per cylinder, with G3S solenoid-type injectors for an extremely precise supply of fuel during the injection process and with the use of an electronically-controlled EGR valve for the recirculation of the right amount of exhaust gas, liquid cooled by a water/air heat exchanger. The range of KDI 3404 engines by KOHLER Engines is completed by mechanical versions that offer an excellent performance and are ideal for applications and markets where the emissions standards are less demanding. The KDI 3404 reaches 100 kW of power at 2200 rpm; similarly it reaches 500 Nm maximum torque at 1400 rpm. These values rank among the “best in class” in their target segment and are matched by their high torque reached at minimum rpm: the KDI 3404 reaches 412 Nm at just 1000 rpm, enabling demanding work cycles at low rotation speeds, and so reducing fuel consumption by up to 10% while significantly limiting noise levels. The perfect integration of the turbo, engine and electronic control unit guarantees an immediate response to variations in load, yet another benefit for productivity and operating fluidity, and enabling 15 % higher levels of machine productivity compared to leading competitors. The KDI 3404 also offers maximum efficiency in terms of the cost of ownership: minimum guaranteed maintenance intervals of 500 hours due to clean combustion without the need for a particulate filter (no DPF).

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