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The leading edge through integration

Fendt has expanded its Variotronic concept with countless new innovative functions and has optimised its one terminal strategy.


Global farming is gaining in significance for the world population and the environment. This has resulted in changes within the entire industry, because farmers are demanding more “intelligence” in the machines that fit into their business concept. The products that AGCO offers through its brands are no longer only focussed on increasing the efficiency and profitability of farming, but also, for example, on developing solutions for reducing soil compaction, water consumption and pollutants. This development is in line with AGCO’s vision for sustainability: High-tech solutions for professional farmers feeding the world. Important key technologies and services to meet these requirements can be found in precision farming. The idea is to connect technology in iron and steel with intelligent electronic solutions, such as the Variotronic concept, and professional service over the dealer network – for all agricultural machinery and brands that farmers have on their farm. For example, farming enterprises often manage a fleet that comprises agricultural machinery from various manufacturers. This enterprise therefore also uses different data logging systems. FUSE’s goal is to unite data from different manufacturers as well as the AGCO brands into one system, for example, AGCOmmand telemetry. Another example is the development of guidance systems, such as VarioGuide and AutoGuide 3000. Both systems already use the open RTCM3 format to receive RTK data. All of the current guidance systems from AGCO are therefore in the position to receive open, i.e. not manufacturer-specific, RTK data. Data exchange between the tractor and implement is based on the ISOBUS as standard. This bus standard is continually undergoing development by the entire industry to provide more and safer functions. These developments, both within the AGCO brands and with other ISOBUS implement manufacturers, are part of the FUSE strategy. This example shows that integration of technologies, data exchange and “communication” is lacking between the various systems. To meet this need and the requirements of farming, AGCO has now started its new corporate strategy FUSE across all brands. FUSE stands for merging or connecting with each other. AGCO is working together with its core brands Challenger, Fendt, GSI, Massey Ferguson and Valtra on concrete global solutions for the above-mentioned challenges.

Unified operating interface across series and machines

With the easy-to-use Variotronic operating interface, Fendt has succeeded in meeting customer demands for higher functionality and comprehensive setting options, while maintaining easier and more logical operation. The advantage: all functions, e.g. settings, guidance and documentation can be entered via the terminal. Features such as VarioGuide Light and the VarioDoc documentation system are now available for the Katana 65. The combines in the new P and X-Series are equipped with VarioGuide and the VarioDoc Pro yield mapping system.

Most accurate work with automated SectionControl

When pesticides or fertiliser are applied to fields, overlapping occurs, on average about five to ten percent. This results in additional costs, which could be prevented. With the new automated SectionControl, based on the ISO 11781 standard, sections of pesticide sprayers, fertilizer spreaders or precision seeders can be automatically enabled and disabled via GPS position. The highly precise GPS position comes from the VarioGuide guidance system. SectionControl determines if sections of the area that is to be worked have already been worked or not. If a tractor with an implement, for example a pesticide sprayer, drives over a section of the field that has already been treated, the corresponding section is automatically disabled. The SectionControl feature not only saves inputs through less overlapping, but also enables better work at night.  SectionControl is available for the 10.4“ Varioterminal on the Fendt 500 to 900 tractor ranges and can also be retrofitted.

The easy entry-level version for automated guidance

Up until now, the VarioGuide automatic guidance system was only available for the 10.4“ Varioterminal. Now there is also a simple entry-level version, VarioGuide Light, for the 7“ Varioterminal. VarioGuide Light is the optimal system for grassland operations and high-horsepower tractors that are primarily used for tillage work, which do not need all the extensive functions of the VarioGuide guidance system. VarioGuide Light works with the cost-free EGNOS correction service. In areas where EGNOS is not available, it is possible to work without a correction service using GPS and GLONASS. In any case, VarioGuide Light has been designed to work together perfectly with the entire tractor and its controls. The perfect “factory-installed solution” not only reduces operator fatigue and increases comfort, it also saves on operating materials and working time, since there is less overlapping when driving. The simple guidance system is only available for the 7” Varioterminal.

Fendt VarioDoc Pro with AGCOmmand / “Farmworks” field records

Documentation is the most important basis for farm management for agricultural enterprises. Since VarioDoc is integrated in the Varioterminal, data can be recorded and documented quickly. The basic version of VarioDoc is included in the 10.4” Varioterminal as standard. Until now VarioDoc has been compatible with BASF, Helm, LD-Eurosoft and AGROCOM field records. The expanded VarioDoc Pro with AGCOmmand and compatibility with Farmworks software now also enables international use. This adds position data logging via GPS, including tractor parameters and data from ISOBUS implements, as well as data transfer via mobile network. Operators can also select between automated data logging and job management. With AGCOmmand, the collected data are automatically saved every ten seconds and transferred to the server in five-minute intervals. AGCOmmand is the across-brand AGCO telemetry solution for fleet management and logistics. It permits, for example, the precise position of a Fendt tractor or how much area has already been worked to be determined. Furthermore, it enables route optimisations, operating time analyses and machine comparisons. The AGCOmmand application runs on all the popular internet browsers and is also available as an iPad app.

by Brigida Alessi


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