Purpose built for the 110 hp to 130 hp sector

Three new, four cylinder powered MF 5600 Series models from Massey Ferguson are purpose built to deliver exactly the right specification for the 110hp to 130hp sector.


The new MF 5600 Series are built to provide uncompromising performance in the field and on the road, combined with the manoeuvrability, visibility and exclusive features that make them unrivalled loader tractors. ‘Loader ready’ models come supplied with a factory-fitted sub-frame, as well as a wide range of novel features and controls to ease and enhance operation. Powered by the latest AGCO POWER four cylinder engines, the new MF 5600 tractors are built on a new 2.55m wheelbase chassis – equipped with specifically designed Dyna-4 or Dyna-6 transmissions. There is also a choice of Essential or Efficient cab specifications as well as a completely new exclusive front axle suspension option, designed and manufactured by Massey Ferguson. With maximum (ISO) powers of 110hp, 120hp and 130hp and weighing 4.8t, the new Massey Ferguson MF 5600 Series four cylinder models offer a distinct specification choice and are developed specifically to meet all customers’ requirements in this important power sector. The engine powers of all the new tractors also overlap with three models in the MF 6600 Series, to provide further choice. “The new MF 5600 Series are purpose built for this power sector and application, offering uncompromising quality, specification and performance,” says Campbell Scott, Massey Ferguson Brand Development Manager. “The 110hp to 130hp bracket is expanding rapidly and is very important – customers need, and expect, a tractor with the specifications the MF 5600 Series offers. “They should not have to be forced to compromise using older, out-dated models that stretch the top end of the light-duty sector, or employ heavy and cumbersome tractors from the bottom of more powerful ranges. The MF 5600 Series sets a new standard, offering specifications seldom found elsewhere in this sector,” he adds. The new MF 5611, MF 5612 and MF 5613 will replace the existing four cylinder MF 5445, MF 5455 and MF 5460, as well as the MF 6445 and MF 6455.

Pioneering four cylinder engine power

All MF 5600 Series tractors are powered by a new four cylinder, 4.4 litre AGCO POWER engine. This advanced, electronically controlled engine uses common rail fuel injection combined with high airflow through four valves/cylinder to efficiently manage the combustion process for optimum power and economy. The clever design means it requires just the addition of a maintenance-free Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC) to the 2nd Generation Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system to meet the strict Stage 3b emission regulations. This provides the enormous benefit of being able to fit a steep nose bonnet for unrivalled visibility on all models because, unlike other systems, SCR does not require a large cooling package. A novel automatic system cuts the low idle speed to 720 rpm from a working speed of 850 rpm when the Power Control lever is put into neutral and the hand brake is applied. This helps save fuel, because evidence from AGCOMMAND telemetry shows a high proportion on tractors spend up to 12% to 30% of their working time with their engines idling. Overall economy is further improved by the long, 500 hr service intervals.

Choice of specifically designed Dyna-4 or Dyna-6 transmissions

Massey Ferguson has developed new versions of the renowned Dyna-4 and Dyna-6 transmissions that are designed specifically for the more powerful new MF 5600, four cylinder tractors. Both deliver completely clutchless operation via the left-hand Power Control or right-hand armrest levers and loader joystick controls (when specified). A novel brake-activated transmission to neutral feature is standard on both transmissions. As soon as the brake is pressed it simultaneously operates the clutch. This eases the load on the operator, while increasing efficiency and convenience, particularly in loader operations. Dyna-4 is a highly efficient transmission that offers 16 forward and 16 reverse speeds with four Dynashift (powershift) speeds in four ranges. Electro-hydraulic control also provides clutchless range changes. The new MF 5600 Series are now also available with Dyna-6 for the first time. This rugged and well proven transmission offers clutchless changing of six Dynashift speeds in four ranges to provide 24 forward and 24 reverse speeds. AutoDrive is standard on Efficient specification tractors, an option on Essential versions and available for both Dyna-4 and Dyna-6. In ‘Hare’ AutoDrive automatically changes both Dynashift speeds and ranges (in Pedal Mode), automatically changing Dynashift speeds simply by adjusting the throttle pedal. In the ‘Tortoise’ setting the system automatically changes the Dynashift within the ranges. Creep and Supercreep speeds are available as options on both.


New MF 5600 Series features

Latest design AGCO POWER four cylinder, 4.4 litre engine with maintenance free, 2nd Generation Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) with an efficient, compact cooling package to maintain unrivalled visibility

Choice of specifically designed, renowned Dyna-4 or Dyna-6 transmissions on all models with brake pedal-activated transmission to neutral

Completely new Massey Ferguson designed and built front axle suspension option

Essential or Efficient cab specification choice on all models, with optional cab suspension

Slimline, Visio or standard roof choice to suit a wide range of tasks and building heights

Choice of mechanical or electronic joystick options that provide single-handed control of transmission, loader and hydraulics

New hydraulic systems with Closed Centre Load Sensing option as well as choice of 57 litre/min or high flow 100 litre/min Open Centre

Loader ready from factory option includes a huge range of features to enhance ease of fitting, use and control

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