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The Performer deep tine-disc cultivators reinforce KUHN’s position in the Minimum Tillage sector. This new, ultra-versatile machine is designed for surface or deep work in “One Pass”, after harvest. It provides maximum cut and straw incorporation even after grain corn. Considered to be one of KUHN’s flagship developments in the Minimum Tillage domain, the Performer is capable of tilling in a single passage in diverse conditions.  It is highly versatile so can adapt to every requirements; it can work with discs only or tines only. It can also be used without the roller.

One pass: discs and tines combined

Discs only: Optimer+ type, for surface stubble ploughing

Tines only: Cultimer L type, for stubble ploughing or soil loosening

Without roller: for autumn soil opening

This new range of trailed tools is available in widths of 4 and 5 meters, for tractors up to 500 hp. They have an articulated drawbar, 2 rows of independent discs (10 cm working depth), 4 rows of tines (35 cm working depth), a row of levelling discs, and a new HD-Liner 700 roller. All settings are hydraulic. The 2 rows of independent, 510 mm, small notched, front discs (hard wearing and high performance cutting) are independently and continually adjustable from the tractor cab. They are designed to cut up residues and roots in order to facilitate the tines’ role of soil mixing, and improve trash burial. The disc gang boasts 560 mm under-beam clearance which enables it to pass in any type of residue. The tines are spaced at 28 cm for optimum mixing. The 85 cm under-frame clearance provides maximum passage capacity. The curved tine shape optimizes mixing capacity. In addition, a wide range of wear parts is available: the 50 mm point, for example, which enables the tine to carry out deep down soil loosening with no power requirement. A tine is located behind the wheels when working without the roller.

The levelling discs can be adjusted from the tractor cab. They are mounted on a curved arm which is equipped with an elastomeric safety system for protection in stony ground. The new HD-Liner 700 roller has been designed for the most extreme jobs (residues, sticky soil). With its heavy weight of 225 kg/m and its V-type profile it ensures a deep down effect. It leaves a non-pressed area between the roller discs to increase water infiltration and reduce run-off. Its notches and large 700 mm diameter (biggest on the market), make it economical in terms of power requirement. All discs and tines are mounted without lubricator. They are made of forged steel for extra strength. All Performer adjustments are made hydraulically, and it folds down to a width of 3 m for transport.

By Edoardo Seregni

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